XXX Pick, Sexy Summer Camp

By | July 28, 2011

Sex In The LakeI was over on Adult Blog Hub today and spotted a post which took me back to my holiday in June.  IT was a post about a summer trip and a raunchy pool encounter.

It had been my intention to get down to a little bit of pool sex with Alex while we were over in Tuscany I even packed some silicone lube for the trip.  Sadly it was not to be, although we had a pool to ourselves the grounds were shared by the owner and we really couldn’t run the risk of getting caught with our pants down.

We simply bit our lips and got down to doing the do in every room and on every piece of furniture in the house instead.  Lol

Lucky for Sex Fairy and Whitman over at “The Naughty Spot”  they were able to get down and dirty without a care.  Go over and check out what they got up to here “Sexy Summer Camp”.

Tell ’em Suze sent you over.  😉