Clit Sucking

By | August 28, 2011

I was watching some porn – for a change – and I had a revelation.

The guy, no correction boy, going down on the busty porn chick was paying attention to her labia and clitoris. Great I thought, I hate it when all you see is cock sucking, followed by various position, anal, vaginal and then the cum shot you know where …

… but despite the lads best efforts he was a bit mechanical. He licked, but not very inventively, he rubbed her button but like he was trying to get a mark off a counter top. She sounded appreciative, but that’s her job.

I’m not having a go at the lads, he was at least making the effort to elevate the scene out of the production line crap that often gets dished up. If I had been on set I might have pushed him to one side and demonstrated, purely for technical reasons you understand.

I suppose if he stays in the industry he could get either lots of chance to practice if he gets the right director, or end up ignoring the needs of the ladies if he gets unimaginative ones.

One thing he didn’t do is suck on her clitoris. I love doing that it draws the blood to the already sensitive button. If you get it right you can suck, and lick at the same time if you get your lips against hers just right. Always appreciated I find.