When I Need A Doggy Fuck

By | September 2, 2011

Lucy PinderI lay in the dark on the bed next to Alex watching our latest instalment of porn, something to do with big boobs. And they were big. πŸ˜‰

We watched about 10 minutes of the first scene which was quite different from the norm, I’m sure Alex will be reviewing it later. Then I felt like sucking a bit of cock myself. I reached down under the covers and located his stiffening penis.

I ran my finger over the tip and collected the droplet of pre cum on my finger and being careful not to waste it on the bedsheet brought my hand to my mouth. It tasted sweet and sticky, a prelude to what was to come. Ahem…

“Can you pass me one of those minty strips to freshen my mouth”, I asked Alex and he reached in his bedside draw and passed me a little box with the 69 ers in it.

Moments later I was taking his cock in to my mouth and simultaneously sucking in air over his swollen glans. Alex drew in a breath of air and shuddered. It was working then. Pressing my tongue firmly against his frenulum I pushed my head down his long shaft until my nose grounded on his groin and then slowly lifted back up.

Alex moaned his appreciation of my attentions. I picked up speed, nodding my head up and down on his erection, not taking him as deep but pushing hard against the roof of my open mouth with each stroke.

“Stop, I’m going to come!”, he exclaimed. Slowly I withdrew from his cock needing to feel him inside me, deep inside me. I rolled over, raising my ass in the air and placing my head on the pillow.

Alex moved in behind me, I could feel his heat against the bare flesh of my awaiting ass before he entered me. With one long and deliberate push he sank his hard flesh in to me. I yelped as he hit my cervix.

He then started fuck me in earnest, stabbing in to my wet open cunt, snarling like a wild animal. I felt his hand on the back of my neck as he pushed me in to the pillow, giving me just enough time to turn my head for breath.

As I did so I noticed we had a visitor in the doorway of the bedroom. The silhouette was that of my cat. He was watching us from the open doorway, almost in a judgemental fashion. Or was that just me. Momentarily he put me off, made me feel self conscious.

Which brought to mind this question. What puts you off when you are having sex? Or can you disregard interruption and carry on without a thought?

BTW, I soldiered on and he disappeared, allowing me to milk Alex’s cock but not before having 3 orgasms myself. πŸ˜‰