Beijing Babe – Ajuma Nasanyana

By | August 14, 2008
Ajuma Nasanyana
While We’ve been looking for the models for the Beijing Babes thread we have had a bit of a problem. It’s been very difficult to find good pictures of models from third world countries. This is I think for two reasons.First because there aren’t that many. Is that because advertisers don’t like non European (or Oriental) looking models? Or is it just that modelling is not at the top of most developing countries list of priorities, food and clean water do seem a little more pressing than lip gloss and getting your nails done.

It may also be that the models that do exist don’t have a web presence.

Whatever the reason let me introduce Ajuma Nasanyana. This striking picture is one of the few I could find of Kenyan models and the only one that I found where the model didn’t look somewhat European and have their skin lightened in post-production. Don’t you love the fashion industry?

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