Sucking And Fucking

By | October 3, 2011

Lilac DoggyHere’s an extract from the latest story over at Kinky Halo:

“His finger then slowly slid down the cleft of my ass and found my asshole. It twitched when he touched it and relaxed as he moved on to my pussy where it found a warm and wet welcome. He immediately moved back to my asshole and rubbed the opening with his now wet finger until my tight little opening relaxed a little and let him inside. I love to feel a guy’s finger wriggling in my ass and so I bent over the chair and pushed my butt towards him. He toyed with me for a while, never pushing his finger deeper than the first knuckle yet totally captivating me with the deliciously naughty sensation of having my ass probed.”

You can read the rest of this sucky fucky sex story here.