Interview With A Filthy, Sexy Bitch – Angel Long

By | November 11, 2011

Angel LongWe interviewed Angel Long on the hottest day of the year in a baking hot TV studio. Thank goodness we weren’t shooting porn, we would have been dripping with sweat – but Angel had been making porn in the sweltering heat. All in a day’s work for a professional porn star.

So what did she think of the heat, the set, the studio and the live audience watching her?

Angel: With all the lights and everything, it’s just like crazy but I actually do like hot and sweaty sex scenes.  If you’re not getting sweaty then you’re not doing it right.  Lol

Suze: We enjoyed watching you.

Angle:Ddid you?  I enjoyed it too.

We both enjoyed it. This wasn;t the first porn shoot we had been on but it was different, in a real studio with a live audience.

Alex:  We first saw you in a Pure DVD from way back, we love your personality. It gave the DVD a sense of filthy fun.

Angel: Oh yes?

Suze: Do you like playing the Domme? You seem to play the part very well, is it all acting or is it real?

Angel: Yes but do you know what I am quite dominant anyway in my scenes in boy/girl and girl/girl really but then I like to domme people.  I like them to domme over me but then they have to be able to handle me because I’m very like all rarrr, rarrr, rarrr. (She roars!) So if there is a little girl who can’t give it to me then it’s pointless cause then you like know that I’m not actually…I’m jut playing rather than…and the scene just doesn’t work at all.

Suze: My type of girl.

Alex: Am I right in thinking, looking at the scenes I have seen you in before and here today that you don’t like it if you’re acting.  You are who you are.

Angel: Absolutely. I am what I am and I want to get fucked as hard as possible if I’m doing a boy/girl and if I’m fucking a girl/girl  you know I don’t…I like the kissing and all that sort of stuff because that’s the sensual stuff.

Suze: Do your family know what you do?

Angel:  Yes, yes they all know because I’ve been doing for like 10 years so it’s been a long time but I told them within about 4 or 5 months what I did because at the end of the day I’m not ashamed of what I do.

Everyone knows what I do and also I didn’t want other people telling someone, telling my family and me not having told them because if I was keeping a secret someone would see it somewhere and go isn’t that you know…

So at the end of the day I was like no I’m not ashamed at all about what I do and so I just told them straight away and they well that’s cool as long as you are making your money and your are safe then that’s all that matters isn’t it.

Alex: You interact well with the audience and they respond to you.  Do you get a kick out of that?

Angel: Yeh, yeh I like fucking hard for them, can you tell? (She laughs)

Suze add, she’s an exhibitionist can’t you tell? And we all break out laughing.

You know when I do porn films it’s very much like I get a kick out of knowing that someone’s going to be sat there watching me and fucking wanking.  That’s what really gets me, do you know, I love that thought of people watching me and me turning them on and them having a fucking good old strum.  That’s perfect for me.  So obviously with it being live it’s even better init because it’s right there obviously they’re not all wanking but you know that I can get em…

Don’t go there, there was someone in the audience who groaned a lot.  Lol

Really!  Angel giggles with such a dirty laugh.

So, obviously you don’t get the opportunity to do this very much so it’s quite special I suppose.


Not many with an audience.

Exactly, I don’t do many with an audience, I do a lot of live webcam shows though but on my website and everything, and so obviously that’s kind of this but not actually having the audience there.  And I suppose maybe that’s a bit more naughtier, If you know they are actually jacking one off, rather than here probably they won’t.

But they might be going to the toilet now and having a wank but…do you know what I mean, so I do enjoy a lot of live stuff like that.  And I used to do a lot of live stuff on TV but that was soft core, it was shot hot, I was fucking but couldn’t see it, do you know what I mean.

Suze just had to ask, Is the real Angel bisexual.

Yes, came Angels swift reply.

Join the club, Suze responded.

Exactly, came Angel’s response with lots of giggling between the tow of them.  She has stepped up her flirting a notch by now.

Unfortunately I’m not.  I was in Amsterdam the other week and one of our friends over there, she’s lesbian she actually turned round to Suze and said, are you sure he’s not gay?  However, at the time I was sitting on a gay guys lap bouncing around.

Laughter ensued.

Right, so obviously with the fans and everything again a similar the audience they seem to get on very well with the fans, they seem to react to you very well.  There are lot of girls like that but you seem to be very good at it do you know why?

I like just like interacting with people anyway, do you know what I mean and you know I like the thought of you know like I say wanking over me and stuff and I’m just me, I’m Angel when I’m performing and I’m Angel when I’m off set but you know I am quite a chitty chatty person anyway.

And errm…there’s nothing better you know, if I’m at a convention or something like that and some person comes up to me.  I love it when they come up to me…I like it when a guy comes up to me and says I had a good old wank over your film the other night.  And she bursts in to laughter again.

That’s perfect for me, do you know what I mean?  I just feel comfortable I suppose, I just feel like I’m comfortable because I know that they are having a wank.

There’s loads more to come from this interview from Angel Long so keep your eyes peeled for the next instalment.