Supermarket Sex Trip

By | November 17, 2011

DPThe problem, if it can be considered a problem…with being the author of a sex blog and sex toy tester is the way that your mind thinks. Mine seems to be permanently set to naughty. Most things I perceive with some kind of sexual connotation, it’s like living in a perpetual Carry On film. Lol

It makes my day brighter to add a dash of smut to most things I do and lets face it things out there are pretty gloomy at the moment, including the weather. We all need something to lift us and if that happens to be sex then let it be.

This propensity towards the smutty can lead to me misreading things and finding filth in the most innocent of activities. Take for example my shopping trip yesterday to the local supermarket.

I decided to make a curry and therefore required a generous piece of fresh ginger. As I’m leaning over the open box containing pounds of the gorgeous stuff a woman leans in too and selects a modest piece.

Suze couldn’t help but wonder just how many people may have selected a piece of ginger today for alternative use, recreational use. For the confused, I’m talking about figging. Not something that immediately appeals to me, I can only imaging that it feels the way you do when you have a bad case of the trots and it stings.

Sorry guys, in brief…figging is the act of inserting a small piece of ginger into the anus or vagina, OUCH! and enduring the burning sensation it provides. Not my cup of tea at all but for some BDSMers it is an enjoyable practice.

The ginger can be carved in to the shape of a butt plug for ease of use and when inserted is said to cause a tingling sensation.

I wonder just how many housewives aren’t cooking curry today… 😉