Living the Dream – Part 2 of 2

By | June 14, 2006

The car rounded one last left hand bend and then made it’s way down a gravel track. The occasional stone hitting the underside of the car. We had now stopped and the engine was turned off. I listened in the dark intently for any clues as to where we were. A car door opened and the door-open warning beeped, then it was closed with a bang. The car shook. “Is this the place?”, came the familiar husky voice I heard earlier. “The map says it’s the right place”, came the voice of the Yorkshire guy. Feet crunched around the side of the car and a key was turned in the boot lid.

“We’re here”, the Tyneside voice announced into the boot. The cool outside air rushed in and swept across my naked body. A hand reached in to the boot and pulled my trapped gown free and back around me. “You have the…”, he began. “Right, do you want me to get her?”, said the third guy. I couldn’t detect his accent, it seemed to be a mixture. “Ok”, said Tyneside guy, as a hand swept under my back and legs lifting me fee of my confines. It was the same guy who carried me out of the house, his aftershave smelled familiar.

He placed me over his shoulder and off we scrunched on the gravel path. We walked for a couple of minutes then I was taken inside, the air temperature was warmer than outside. There was a musky, old smell about the place. Footfalls could be heard quite clearly, so we were crossing a hard floor. If it was possible my heart picked up pace and I found my breathing difficult, almost asthmatic. Although I wasn’t frightened, well maybe just a little but the feeling was more one of excitement. Where were they taking me? Was I about to meet my captor?

The footfalls were now muffled and we seemed to be ascending a stairway. With each tread a little jolt. Yes, we were climbing stairs. That smell seemed quite strong on the stairs. Did this guy know just how horny I felt? Surely he could smell my slippery wet thighs. Was my robe wet where it had wrapped between my legs? I pushed my legs together hard as my clit pulsed against his shoulder. It felt like I was about to come, my lips were swollen wet and throbbing.

A door opened and the air became a little cooler as we entered the room. The musty, old smell was now replaced with the aroma of night scented stock, heady and fragrant. I was placed on something soft, face down. Could it be a bed? My hands were released and I was gently rolled on to my back. Both arms were taken up above my head and the left was secured, quickly followed by the right. I was now prostrate before my captor. Helpless and almost naked before him.

Next my legs were unhooked from each other and pulled to the corners the same as my arms, right then left. “Are you going to remove this hood?”, I exclaimed. No response came. “At least let me see what is happening.” “Shhh”, came the reply. My hood was loosened and pulled back to just under my nose and the strings pulled tight again.

The door closed, I assumed my captor had now left the room.

The door creaked and closed in the jamb. “Hello, who’s there?”, I asked. Again no reply. “Won’t you please tell me who’s there?”. I jumped with surprise as my robe began to open at the front, it fell to either side of me on the bed. “Please, tell me who is there?”, I pleaded. “Shhh”, was the response.

Was that a feather? Yes, it was. A feather was slowly and lightly being traced up the inside of my right leg. Up, up and around my mons, then onward across my stomach. Funny how it didn’t tickle, more tantalising than tickling. Around my nipples and then across each one in turn, they were so hard now that they felt as if they may burst. I pulled against my restraints, more for the effect than the desire to be set free. No, I was enjoying this far too much to give it up.

The feather moved up my neck and ran across my lips. I sighed, as I did so a kiss was placed upon my lips. My tongue ran across them as if trying to discover who had stolen that kiss. I could feel hot breath against my cheek now and that mouth kissed my neck. I so wanted to be able to put my legs together and rub my clit against my thighs until I came. This was torture, sensory depravation but at the same time my senses were becoming so honed. Every noise, smell and sound magnified by my highly aroused state.

Teeth grazed across my ear and then sucked hard on the lobe. “That feels so good”, I exclaimed. “Shhh”, came the reply. I squirmed as he sucked and licked my neck. My pussy was so moist now, I could feel the cool air as it met with my wet thighs. Hands were now upon my engourged tits, moulding and rolling me beneath them. Plucking and squeezing my erect nipples. Then the warmth of a mouth around them. A tongue licking beneath my breasts and then up to the nipple. I writhed with pleasure and desire, helpless, unable to satisfy this person or myself. Shackled.

Was that a tongue tracing across my stomach and down towards my steaming pussy? Something warm and wet pushed between my labia and ran along the length of my slit. Now back up and “Jesus”…sucked my clit between their lips. I wanted to shout “Fuck me, take me”, but I obeyed my captor and remained quiet. Fingers pushed deep inside my cunt and I raised my hips off the bed and began to buck against them. I fucked myself, bucking and tilting my pelvis on them. “I’m coming”, I shouted as my pussy contracted and oozed on to those knowledgeable fingers.

With a last thrust down, I came and then collapsed back on to the mattress. As my pussy pulsed with post orgasm contractions the fingers were pulled out of me. I could sense heat and smell my juices close to my face. Hot wet fingers were smeared across my open lips and I licked my cum greadily from them. I stuck out my tongue, begging for more. I was not disappointed as two fingers were inserted inside my eager mouth. My tongue lapped up every drop of my own sweat liquid.

My captor withdrew. Then a hand on my left thigh, a dip in the mattress at the bottom of the bed. Someone was climbing between my legs. Something hard nudged against my labia and with a side to side wiggle parted my lips and pushed inside me. My muscles were still contracted and I felt the pop as my pussy swallowed every inch. At first the strokes were slow and deliberate, almost pulling completely out. Then deeper and faster. I felt another orgasm building within me. “Fuck me faster, harder, I want to feel you bumping my cervix”, I begged. No shhh this time, my captor must be enjoying the moment too much to speak.

Their breathing was fast and deep. As there was no verbal communication, it was difficult to tell if they were close to orgasm. How restrained, not to even let out one moan of pleasure. Just the heavy breathing of excitement. “Jesus, I’m cuming again”. My hips pressed in to the bed as I arched my back, this was a very strong and intense orgasm. My whole body tingled and I felt euphoric as my pussy spasmed for the final time.

My captor climbed off me and walked around to the top of the bed. Kissed me on the lips and then sat next to me. The hood was loosened and removed. My eyes could not focus at first and I squinted as they became used to the light. Beside me sat a blurred figure. As they became accustomed to the light, I saw a delicious blonde girl smiling down at me.