Sexy Uniforms

By | February 3, 2012
I love this image and I’m sure Alex does too.  I’ve a bit of a soft spot for some uniforms, particularly those of anyone in authority or the services.  They just make me want to say “yes sir!”  I can be a bit of a submissive at times too.Personally I’ve only had to wear a uniform twice in my working career and I liked it, you don’t have to worry what you are wearing in the morning and there is no competition with your fellow workmates.

I think one of the worst offenders is the “casual Friday”.  Some years ago I worked for a company who did this.  At first the novelty of being able to go to work in casual clothing was good but then it became very competitive with certain members of staff turning up in designer wear.

These days I wonder in to my office to start work in just a night shirt…but I do work from home.  Lol