Anal Sex

By | April 7, 2012

ModelHere’s something that surprised me when I heard it. Some girls are having anal sex with their boyfriends because they are “saving themselves” for their wedding night. That is, vaginal sex is out of bounds so they can honestly say that despite having had numerous cocks inside them they are a vaginal virgin.

Well, I can kind of understand the logic in that, though the practicality of it must be somewhat limited.

Do you have to ensure that your first boyfriend has a smallish dick and make sure you have lots of lube, then work up the scale as your ass gets used to larger and larger cocks?

Or do you train yourself with a range of sex toys to ensure that when “Mr Big” is presented with the choice of anal or a hand job your ass is used to the intrusion?

And while I do understand where this logic stems from, about maintaining your vaginal virginity, I can’t help wondering what your life partner will think when he breaks your hymen on the wedding night only for you to tell him “you’re my first … but I’ve been butt-fucked by a dozen other guys.”

Then again what is acceptable to find out about your partner’s previous relationships? You have to be adult about it. I know I wasn’t the first person to have sex with Suze, but I was the first to have anal sex with her. I’ve always associated anal with longer term relationships where trust and care are involved.

The vagina’s quite a tuff structure, but the anus, rectum and lower intestine can be quite delicate and if damaged prone to infection. Not the sort of place you want someone to stick his cock if you don’t know them too well.

Perhaps I’m a little old fashioned?