Australia Land of Opportunity And Opposites

By | October 29, 2013

Australian BabeAustralia has an up and down relationship with the adult business, no pun intended. Their politicians, either reflecting the views of the voting public or maybe the swing voters to be wooed before one impending election or another have made adult content on the Internet, sex toys and prostitution all matters of debate and shifting legislation.

No right-thinking person can deny that when it comes to any adult business, be that one selling vibrators to an escort agency then children should be protected and those working in the Business should be doing so of their own free will. So while Australia seems to want to be liberal and open so that sex workers for example can be regulated and protected the country seems to be pulled first one way then the other by national legislation and then Federal amendments to the legislation.

Your average guy or girl looking for a paid, one-night partner in Australia needs to know the rules and where it’s legal and illegal to enlist the services of a professional in these matters. Escorts of course all over the world can be hired for non-sexual services, company or simply an evening of pleasant companionship. So long as no money changes hands for sexual services and services are not advertised as sexual even in places like the UK, being an escort is a legitimate and legal occupation. But in Australia the availability of legal prostitutes and the profession’s regulation can lead to the unwary falling foul of the law if they don’t understand its nuances.

For example the only place (currently at time of writing) where street prostitution is legal is in New South Wales, where some groups are calling for it to be re-criminalised. In the eastern half of the Australian mainland, NSW, Queensland and Victoria you can currently keep a registered brothel with multiple sex workers. Yet in the western half of the country and Tasmania only prostitutes working from their own, registered homes are legal. Or at least that’s the way I read it. And of course that might change as state legislatures amend legislation in tune with their constituent’s perceived views.

What this boils down to is that since 1992 registered sex workers can operate legally with varying degrees of freedom in all states of Australia. And if you are not already in contact with a suitable partner for the evening seeking out a partner from an established agency or website can facilitate that. Take Australian Babe, a website that has been trading for nearly 10 years putting workers and their clients in touch via its listings and classified ads.

If you believe prostitution should be legal and regulated then this sort of website provides a way to hook-up in a country where prostitution is legal, if you’re against it then you may have other views but just as the exchange of money for sex is illegal in the UK its legality is enshrined in law in Australia and means that sites like “Australian Babe” are part of a service industry like any other. They offer the opportunity for a paid-for-partner who matches your particular tastes be that blonde, brunette, redhead, tall, short, slim or full figured. The honesty of the service is quite refreshing because there is no ambiguity about the transaction for either party.