Showered And Shagged

By | February 11, 2009

After our tryst on the beach we returned to her apartment, a round building which from the outside seemed rustic and clad in local materials, but inside boasted air conditioning, a huge round bed and satellite TV. Like all the apartments it was set apart and secluded, not cheap but that’s what we had both paid for. A luxurious treat on a genuine paradise. The next apartment was a couple of hundred metres away behind the palm trees.

We showered together in the wet room, removing each other’s swimwear and soaping each other’s bodies. Her nipples were erect, hard as pebbles, she giggled as I cupped a breast in each hand, squeezing and massaging them, feeling the hard summits pass under my soap-lubricated hand. She pushed me away after a while, her hands reciprocating the rubbing of my chest, quickly heading down to my firm but not yet erect cock.

She ran her fingers up and down my length, tracing the thick veins. She slipped her palm under my balls taking their weight, pressing them against the base of my cock. Then her hand slid underneath, rubbing my perineum, pressing harder when she could see I enjoyed the stimulation. I could feel my cock becoming harder.

To my surprise her wet fingertip slid underneath until it found my anus and rubbed for a moment, teasing the opening. The look on my face made her laugh. I put my hand behind her head and pressed her against the wall with a deep exploratory kiss. Our wet bodies pressed together, my now firm cock trapped against her leg, straining to reach an upright position.

“Bed?” she asked breathlessly when we parted.

“Bed.” I confirmed.

We both grabbed a fluffy white towel from the rail and patted each other down. I made sure that I dragged the soft Egyptian cotton across her nipples, making her squirm. She took great pleasure in holding my cock and balls in the soft folds, letting the towel remove the moisture.

Hair still damp clinging to her back she led me to the bed and lay back. I knelt at the edge and paid homage to her cunt.

She was trimmed to a centimetre wide strip of light brown hair, as much as her inconsequential bikini had allowed. I parted her fragrant and obviously expectant labia with a slow lick from the opening of her vagina to her belly button. She wriggled as I did so, eyes closed, arms thrown out to each side of her on the crisp white bed linen.

Again I licked her, this time pushing deeper inside tasting each part of her from the rich flavour of her pussy tinged with my own cum to her clitoral hood, still slightly salty from the sea. I lingered on her clitoris, learning what she liked. Apparently she liked everything, from teasing flicks with the tip of my tongue to hard massage and even deep sucking of her rapacious little bundle of nerves.

Minutes passed and I could have feasted longer, yet with my face covered in her wetness my cock instructed me to satisfy its needs, and indeed hers. She pulled herself back onto the bed and threw her legs in the air, open slightly. I held my dewdrop tipped cock in one hand and guided it into the moist opening of her pussy.

Her ankles came to rest somewhere around my ears, the backs of her legs pressed against my stomach and chest. She abandoned herself to my lust, a participant only through her appreciative moans. Far from wanting me to take control she wanted me to entertain her, to keep her aroused and ultimately to make her cum.

I did my best to oblige, enjoying the freedom to fuck her as I wished. Slow, fast, rhythmic and sporadic. Deep, grinding then penetrating her with just the tip of my cock, repeatedly parting her lips, pushing just inside only to withdraw.

She liked it deep and slow most of all, two screeching clawing orgasms told me that, the once pristine bed sheets now pulled and crumpled.

My nose was now full of the scent of her, drinking in the perfume that only a woman can generate. She was still descending from her second orgasm, breathing deep, drifting half in our shared world and half in her own. I’d held back long enough now. Adjusting my angle slightly to thrust upward a little I drove home several deep slow strokes. My orgasm rolled out of my groin like a peel of thunder echoing back and forth between the sides of an alpine valley, deep resonant and seemingly never ending.

I released myself to it and let its intensity detach me from the corporeal world …

Perhaps minutes later I returned to cognisance staring at the roof of the apartment. I looked down and saw her using her fingertip to spread the drips of semen dripping from my cock in a circular puddle across my stomach.