Cumming To The Point

By | April 13, 2009

Acupoint Duo MassagerYou can never have enough clit vibrators or for that matter clitoral orgasms. Lol I have a variety of toys for bringing me off but nothing like the Acupoint Duo Massager. And I asked if Nice Sex Toys could send one over for me to play with.

Unlike other clit vibes the Acupoint has two ends to play with, one has three levels of pulsation and the other three levels of vibration. Each end operates independently or both ends together if you need a little extra. 😉

I inserted the 4 AAA batteries into the vibrator and it was good to go. It measures 24cm in length and sits nicely in the hand with the controls being operated via push buttons in the centre of the vibrator. The construction is plastic which I find conducts vibrations effectively.

This vibrator is also dual function, it can be used to stimulate the clit and the g-spot with one nub being bigger than the other for concentrated stimulation.

Once loaded with batteries I placed it between our pillows on the bed to keep it safe for use later. It was the Easter holiday and I had all the time in the world to play later, there were jobs to be done in the garden.

A few hours later and with my back aching we decided to come in to the house and have a cuppa and half an hour in bed relaxing to stretch out our backs. Rather than laying on the bed I undressed, slipped in to my sleep t-shirt and climbed in to bed. Alex was taking a pee in the bathroom.

I turned on the television and started to watch Charlie and the chocolate factory for the umpteenth time. Reaching over to Alex’s side of the bed I grabbed the DVD control and turned it on. The DVD from the night before was already in the drive. Queue hot blonde getting fucked up the ass by a bloke, she was sucking air between her teeth in an annoying fashion so I turned the volume down. Better.

Alex walked in to the bedroom stark bollock naked and slipped in beside me. I turned to spoon with him and feel the warmth of his flesh on me. I closed my eyes feeling safe and warm in his embrace. A little weary I started to drift off.

The next thing I know Alex is kissing the back of my neck and whispering. What was he saying? I listened intently for him to repeat his words.

“I want to fuck you, climb up on to your knees”, he suggested urgently.

Half asleep I complied, lifting the hem of my t-shirt up displaying my round ripe ass and parting my legs. He didn’t need asking and moved between my legs pushing his cock deep inside me.

Whilst dozing I must have been thinking dirty thoughts because I was wet, no I was soaking. I’m such a dirty bitch! But always ready. 😉 We were perfectly aligned and he was massaging my g-spot with his cock, so much so that I wanted to take a pee.

As he thrust in and out of me the Acupoint caught my eye, nuzzled between the pillows just waiting to be used. I reached over with my right hand and took hold of it. Alex was now well in to his stride and I momentarily forgot what I was doing. I rotated the Acupoint so the larger of the two nubs was pointing down and pushed the button a couple of times.

I don’t think Alex even noticed that I had picked up the vibrator he was going for it so hard. The powerful vibrations were resonating in the tip and I pushed my hand back between my legs. Gently I located my clit being careful not to push it too far and collide with Alex’s cock.

As soon as I placed it over my clit I could feel myself about to explode. The fucking combined with the pulses of vibration rippling through my clit were conspiring to bring me to orgasm and I was enjoying every moment.

Moments later I was coming and I made no secret of it, moaning and declaring to all the world that I was COMING! I could hear Alex moan, almost growl as he continued to slam in to me with purpose.

I was sure he could feel the vibrations travelling through me, he was now fucking me like a thing possessed. Without holding back I came again and that was enough to tip him over the edge, with one almighty thrust which sent me towards the headboard he twitched and gyrated as he pumped his seed inside me.

Once the spasms and involuntary twitching subsided he collapsed on the bed at the side of me. I rolled over on to my side and we lay embracing, breathless with the Acupoint between us on the bed.

All I need to do now is try it out on my g-spot but I need to recover first. 😉