Dirty Stories And Porn On The Phone

By | May 9, 2009

Big BoobsAs you may know the websites we run, like this one, Sex Toys Buzz, Adult Blog Hub and A-Rouse are not our full time occupation. They are the most interesting part of our working day but sadly pure mathematics dictates that we have to keep up day jobs too.

I took a call on Friday that was rather interesting. It was about adult content delivered to mobile phones. It’s not something that I’ve ever considered myself as my mobile is for making calls and sending texts. Oh and testing the mobile functionality of the mobile section of Sex Toys Buzz.

So I have a question, do many of you guys access adult material on your mobile?

Oh and as for the stories in the title, I was referring to my new review of “Slave To The Machine” that I’ve post on the Erotic Buzz Section of Sex Toys Buzz. I was rather chuffed that the author’s been across and commented on it 🙂