Naked Flesh And Lots Of Cock

By | June 11, 2009

WorkmanI don’t usually buy women’s magazines, never have, with the exception of one which I won’t be plugging here. Suffice to say it is more of a naughty monthly. If they offer inducements I may reveal its name. Lol

I’m not in to the latest celebrity gossip, diets, makeup and hair advice and fashion. I’ll leave that to someone else to worry about. I’m more of a Cosmo girl although I don’t usually buy that either.

The other day we were stood in the supermarket watching a woman around the age of 45 unload her basket and I noticed that she had invested in 6 of the crappiest periodicals around. I wonder if people like her cannot feel they are whole without knowing what the latest celeb eats for breakfast.

Does what they read in these crappy mags give them conversation points, I really don’t know and cannot understand the attraction at all.

Anyway, moving on to what I wanted to say.

Cosmopolitan is running a feature this month in support of a research centre based in Surrey which is conducting research in to prostate and testicular cancer and promoting health and awareness.

They have stripped 21 men butt naked in support of the charity and I will be off to the nearest supermarket tomorrow to do my bit. 😉