Suze Gets Balled

By | August 11, 2009

Screaming O Cyberskin Vaginal BallsCyberskin Screaming O Balls Review

I’m not in the habit of trying any toy consisting of balls these days. Least not since I acquired an unusual sex toy at the time, a pair of Smart Balls several Christmases ago, long before I started reviewing here. I bought them with my own pennies and wasn’t at all impressed.

Ergo I was slightly put off any spherical adult toy.

But I’m not closed minded and decided to ask the lovely people over at Nice Sex Toys to send over the X-Rated Cyberskin Screaming O-Balls from Topco. The last pair I had were weighted just like Ben Wah Balls. These are very, very different…more like BEN WOW! Balls. 😉

Here is the dirty low down on them:

Designed to be worn internally, each of the three balls has its own independent motor. Triple play!!!
Each ball is coated in soft, yielding CyberSkin for the smoothest softest pleasure
They are phthalate free therefore good for you and the environment
They have 4 vibratory settings controlled via a push button remote control unit
They operate on 2 x AA batteries

For this review I required the following:

1 x Alex
1 x water based lube
1 x porn DVD, dirtier the better. Lol

Ahem…now for the action.

I reclined against the mattress and let Alex lube up my slit and the first ball. Each one is amply sized to give the maximum stimulation. He pushed against my opening and I felt the first sphere pop inside. Then he applied a little more lube and eased the second in there.

The third was being a bit wayward and required me to assist it in with my PC Muscles. This did the trick and it popped in there with the others. I had a feeling of being occupied, yes that’s the right word.

Alex wiped his hands, job done he lay back on the bed next to me and pressed Play. A great scene unfolded before me. Ok, I’ll share. The gorgeous Bobbi Starr is getting a good fingering from a blonde (sorry I need to look up her name but I’m too eager to share my encounter with you, perhaps later. Lol) Oh and almost forgot, Jay Snake…grrrrrrrrr is sitting wanking in a chair.

Ok, visual stimuli at max…

There is a comforting feeling along with the internal vibrations taking place. I push the button and take the setting to full on continuous and that feels good…


I now add a little extra stimuli by using my PC muscles to work the balls around inside me. It now feels like my vaginal walls are resonating and there is an added bonus. If you place the power lead between you pussy lips and over your clit you get a residual resonance on your swollen nub.

Don’t ask why but I decided to cross my legs at this point. Not because of fear the Screaming O Balls would shoot out but I wanted to enclose myself, yield to the strong vibrations currently rippling through my pelvic girdle and beyond out in to my clitoris.

Fingers squeezed my right nipple and it rose up hard and firm. Alex started to roll it under his finger tips. But I was far too preoccupied. I needed just a little more to take me over the edge. My body was aching for satisfaction, to come.

I pulled gently but firmly on the cable until one of the balls popped out, it didn’t want to come out it required quite a pull and I could feel my muscles trying to regain it.

The lead was long enough for me to roll the vibrating orb up over my clit and with gentle pressure and a side to side movement I was fucking close.

I was…


My body relaxed and went limp as I lay back sated. Alex kindly powered off my new toy and removed them from me as I bask in my orgasmic glow.

The Screaming O Balls are excellent and are suitable for both beginners and experienced toy users. The only change I would make is to increase the number of vibratory settings but I’m greedy. 😉