Kinky Gob Job

By | September 22, 2009

Michelle BarrettAlex wasn’t working today and because the weather was nice we decided to go for a walk like we did yesterday. It was a pleasant day with just a mild breeze, not quite as hot as yesterday when we both felt like we got sun stroke when we got back. Lol

We decided to take in our dentist on the way and book appointments for checkups which were long overdue and because we are now both available at certain points in the daytime during the week we were both surprised to get in so quickly. I must say this working from home does have its advantages.

I’m reminded of this as I sit here at the computer by an article in the Daily Mail. A dentist is at risk of being struck off for his lewd behaviour towards his dental nurses, including parading around the surgery wearing just a leopard skin thong. It wouldn’t exactly work for me but to each his own.

He has tried getting it on with 4of his dental nurses at the practice by grabbing their bottoms, snapping their knicker elastic and undoing their bras through their tunics. Not your standard dentist and if mine tries anything like that when I go he better watch out. Then he is old enough to be my father. Lol

You can read the rest of the story here.