Sex Games For Swingers – Part 2

By | June 5, 2010

SepiaThe three women crowded around Steve and pushed him onto the bed. Three pairs of hands quickly removed his clothes revealing an unsurprisingly hard cock. Karen straddled Steve and slid her hot, wet cunt onto his hard cock. Her two female assistants pealed off her bra and sucked at her nipples moaning as they did so. Karen knew they would both be furiously rubbing their pussies or enjoying Steve’s probing fingers but did not open her eyes to find out. The sensation of a woman on each nipple, one biting while she sucked the other licking at her erect nub was bliss. The cock in her throbbing passage filled her and she knew it was only a matter of time before it pumped her full of cum.

Matt and Michelle stood and watched the writhing pile of bodies. Michelle rubbed Matt’s cock through his suit trousers while he massaged her breasts through her thin dress and pushed his tongue deep into her welcoming mouth. She pulled away slightly to wet her finger and then returned to their passionate kiss. Her glistening finger slid down the crack of Karen’s round ass. She was at full stretch and was just able to rub the opening of her tight hole. Karen let out a moan and then a wail, she came pussy grasping Steve’s cock in vice-like embrace. He came bucking upwards thrusting so hard he nearly unseated his rider.

The two attendants slid off the bed as Karen collapsed on her husband to demand the attention of their respective partners while Matt pushed Michelle onto the bed and lifted up her dress. Her blue panties were soaked with fluid the crotch sticking to her shaved pudenda. He hooked two fingers inside, pulling them to one side. He stared at the swollen mound while fumbling his trousers open to release his tool from his trousers. Michelle’s cries of ecstasy were muffled when he roughly entered her as her face was pressed into the bed. Her body was limp except for her pussy which pulsed and seemed to milk Matt’s cock. Following the spectacle he had already witness Matt needed little to tip him over the edge and this needful massaging of his erect member soon solicited an eruption of white magma into Michelle’s pussy.

The both lay next to Steve and Karen on the bed, spent and sated. Steve glanced across towards the other two couples. One of the women who had been sucking his wife’s breasts so passionately only moments earlier was now being banged from behind while she braced herself against the wardrobes. Next to them the fourth couple were engaged in a blow job, he with his eyes squinting, head thrown back and obviously about to come. His partner noticed Steve watching and at the ultimate moment withdrew the cock she had been so diligently sucking and let thick white semen cover her face.

Steve watched as she licked globs of cum from her lips accompanied by the sound of the final couple grunting their orgasmic crescendo.