Sex With Seven Girls – 4 Anna

By | July 22, 2010

LickAnn hadn’t changed since college. She was still the pale and interesting redhead with a huge flowing mass of hair that Tony remembered. Her appearance at the door turned his blood to ice water.

“Oh My God!” She exclaimed. Tony waited for the denouncement.

She went on. “You started without me!”

Tony who was already gathering his clothes and becoming increasingly bemused stopped in his tracks. “What?”

“Michelle told me you were coming and I was hoping to see that beautiful cock of yours again.” Smiled Anna.

“But you’ve never seen my … Oh, I remember.” It had been  at the local swimming baths. He had been there with friends who thought that it would be fun to pull off his shorts in the pool. Anna had dived in just as they had done so and been privy to his privates. She had swum up to him, smiled and said one word that had sent him bright red with embarrassment, “Nice”.

Anna had not mentioned the incident since but obviously remembered it well.

Seminal fluid was dripping from Tony’s cock. He was transfixed, unsure what to do when Anna ran her index finger over his sensitive head and then into her mouth. “Mmmh. Michelle’s been selfish.”

Tony’s assessment of his encounter with the two women went from bizarre to surreal. “Look I, I, should go.” He stammered.

“Not yet you don’t.” Said Anna with a slightly amused tone. “I want my turn. You don’t want us to tell Pipa do you?”

Tony’s shoulders slumped. He was trapped. He sat on a chair and awaited Anna’s attentions.

Anna sat across from him on a leather couch and hitched up her dress. She slipped a finger inside her black cotton panties and rubbed herself with legs wide. “Do you enjoy watching me do this?” she asked.

“Yes.” Replied Tony, despite being unable to take his eyes from the black triangle of fabric which prevented him from seeing Anna’s hand as she masturbated.

Michelle, now recovering from her orgasms slid two fingers into her cum filled pussy and reached across to slide them into Anna’s mouth. Anna sucked the fingers clean with a series of appreciative moans.

Tony realised he had begun to play with himself and despite only minutes having elapsed since he had fucked Michelle. The sight of Michelle collapsed next to Anna with cum now visibly oozing on to the black leather of the couch and Anna frigging herself had brought his cock back to life.

“That’s better.”  Giggled Anna.

She slid from the couch and between Tony’s legs.  Her lips pressed against his prick, kissing it from tip to balls then licking it until every inch had been tasted.

Tony was now extremely hard but doubted he could cum again so quickly. Anna seemed intent on making sure he did, swirling her tongue around the head of his cock allowing her teeth to graze him occasionally. Then she drew back, extracting him from the warm cavern of her mouth and blowing air across his tip, making him shudder.

Seeing that her skilful and obviously well-practiced techniques were not yet bearing fruit she resorted to pumping the shaft hard with her fist and sucking the tip into her mouth. As a final flourish she slid a wetted finger under his scrotum and along his perineum. Finding his ass she pressed against it and rubbed firmly.

Tony began to moan and Anna increased the firmness of her strokes, knowing he was near. Tony let out a loud groan, the intensity of an almost dry orgasm burning hot in his groin. Anna felt the hot sticky fluid hit her tongue she tasted the unique salty flavour, swirling it around his cock before licking his cock clean of it.


“We had fun today … Yeah it’s Bev next, lucky cow.”