Sex With Seven Girls – 5 Bev

By | July 22, 2010

Hand JobThe blue light in Tony’s mirror made his stomach sink. He pulled the BMW over to the side of the road and turned off the engine. The face that appeared at the window was familiar.

“Bev?” Enquired Tony.

“Yes. It’s Tony isn’t it? Pipa’s husband. Look sorry to stop you but you have a brake light out.” Smiled the uniformed woman.

“Oh, shit. I’ve got some spare bulbs in the boot.” Said Tony getting out of the car. He walked to the rear of the car and popped the boot lid. Tony reached inside and twisted the latch on the side-pocket. He selected a bulb from the plastic box inside and unfastened the plastic cover on the rear light cluster.

“How are things in this crime hotspot?” Laughed Tony.

“Well I’m not going to be promoted for solving serious crime in this village it’s usually traffic stops and lost kittens. What’s that?”

A bag of white powder rolled out of the side pocket and burst on the floor of the boot. Bev reached to her belt for her cuffs. “Turn around!”

“What?” Exclaimed Tony.

“Turn around, hands behind your back.” Snapped Bev.

Thirty minutes later Tony was in an interview room feeling like he was in a bad dream.

“Cavity search?” He said. “You’re kidding me?”

Bev’s face told him otherwise as she snapped on a surgical glove. She waited for Tony to undress and then instructed him to bend over the table. He heard the sound of lube being squirted onto  gloved hand and then felt the shock of cold lubricant being rubbed onto his anus by Bev’s finger. He tensed.

“Relax.” Advised Bev. “It’ll be more comfortable if you do.”


Bev’s finger slowly pushed past the two sphincters in Tony’s ass. The heat of his body permeated the glove and the tightness of his virginal anus squeezed her finger. She moved the finger in and out a little spreading the lube and twisted her finger around. She found his P-Spot and pressed it gently.

“Ahh!” Exclaimed Tony breathlessly.”

Bev withdrew her finger then added her middle finger to the penetration and pushed inside his tight asshole.

“Fuck me!” cried Tony as he was stretched wider.

“Now there’s a though” said Bev, smiling.

“You can stop that right now.” Complained Tony.

Bev did stop much to Tony’s relief. The sensation of a set of handcuffs being used to attach his hands to the legs of the table was not so welcome.

“What are you doing now?”

Bev moved behind him and reached between his legs. She took his balls and squeezed them gently before taking a handful of turgid cock and caressing it. This time when her finger penetrated his anus he felt that he wanted the digit there and his cock began to swell.

“You like that?” She asked. His groans told her he did.

She stroked his cock slowly and fucked his ass with her finger for ten minutes until he was fully erect and his balls had risen up to the base of his cock. Then she stopped. There were unidentifiable noises behind Tony and when she reappeared Bev was naked from the waist down but was wearing a slim strap-on dildo.

Tony realised what she was about to do and was horrified, not that she was about to do it but that he wanted her to.

More lube was squeezed onto the plastic phallus before Bev pressed it against Tony’s opening. His ass resisted the large intruder at first then as she saw him visibly relax the tip of the dildo slowly entered him. He moaned and groaned with each millimetre that entered his ass. He was on the border of pleasure and pain, totally under control and the rush of pleasure she derived from that control was making Bev so wet …

When his ass had accepted the dildo she began to slowly move inside him, his ass, unused to being fucked had to be treated gently but she knew he was loving it. She established a Rhythm that suited him just two inches in and out that had him growling and bucking against her a little. He wanted more but it was too soon for that and anyway, he was cumming.

His lower body tensed, ass so tight she could not fuck him anymore because the dildo was locked in place and then he came, cum splashing on the floor. She looked around the side of the tabled to watch the semen spray on the floor.


“Sandra’s going to love him. I mean he’s up for absolutely anything. Yes, I mean anything.”