Cumming In Leather

By | July 31, 2010

He watched her scurry across the carpark, her kitten heels clipping on the pavement until she reached her car. Her raincoat was draped over her arm, not quite concealing the swatch book in her hand. He pondered for a moment. She did this every day, slip the bound pile of upholstery squares out of the showroom and bring them back the next morning. It was intriguing, but that was all she took. She wasn’t stealing, simply borrowing and the swatch book was always back the next morning.


The next night was Saturday and he asked her and another junior colleague to stay behind for a stocktake. By 18:00 the doors were closed and the showroom shuttered, by 22:00 they were almost done and he let the junior make his way home.

“I’m going to enter the rest of these figures into the computer, can you finish off counting the rugs in the warehouse and then we’re done.”

He left for the office and spent 30 minutes rattling at the keyboard. When he returned to the showroom floor he could hear a strange noise. At first it was so quiet that he could not make it out but as he walked slowly and with deliberate stealth between the faux living rooms and bedrooms made up to display the furniture store’s wares he realised it was her moaning.

The moan was stifled for some reason. Had they been burgled? Was there an intruder holding her?

His heart raced. He turned the corner past a particularly grotesque lounge display and into the bedroom area.

Looking into the opulent “Emperor” bedroom suite display he saw something that shocked him even more than a masked intruder.

She was still wearing her company sky-blue blouse and dark blue pencil skirt. But the blouse was open and her breasts were exposed, her skirt was hitched up around her waist and her knickers were at the side of her bed, along with her shoes.

She was moaning, deeply, but the moans were stifled because of the corner of a leather swatch rolled up in her mouth and gripped tightly between her teeth. Her head was thrown back, her dark chestnut hair spread across the bed. Her hand rubbed her pussy, both wet with her juices.

He watched as two fingers dived in and out of her snatch, oblivious to him and to the growing wet patch on the expensive silk sheets that covered the bed.

The manager in him felt outrage at her unprofessional behaviour, but the man in him easily overruled it and he could feel his cock throbbing and growing. He began to rub himself through his trousers, he wanted to pull out his cock and slowly wank as she frigged herself to orgasm. But that would have been wrong and this way he could wait until she had finished, admonish her and then attend to his own needs.

She drew her legs up so her heels touched her buttocks and pushed her fingers deeper inside her. He should see she was cumming. She shuddered and the moaning became almost a scream.

Then she became aware of him. She saw the hand on his crotch.

The swatch fell from her mouth and she uttered the words he longed for “Fuck me, please.”

He dropped his trousers with as much haste as he could without falling over and with his underwear and trousers still wrapped around one ankle crawled onto the bed and pushed his cock deep inside her.

She reached to her side, grasped the swatch and pushed it into her mouth, smelling and tasting the leather. He sucked at her breasts the nipples already swollen and sensitive. He licked, then sucked, then nibbled then bit them. She did not mind, in fact it was what she wanted and bit onto the leather, screaming into the roll of hide, eyes wide and animal.

He felt her pussy grip his cock and his groin become wet with her. He slammed his cock into her mons over and over, a fiery wild orgasm spewing cum into her.

After collapsing on top of her he took several minutes recover and consider the situation. He decided that his job had great fringe benefits.