It Was Just A … Part 1

By | November 25, 2006

I was there as instructed at 10am on the dot.  More than a little nervous, it’s been so long since I was in this position.  Trying to look casual and relaxed I picked up one of the dog-eared magazines from the beech effect table in front of me.  My nervous disposition betrayed by my constant crossing and uncrossing of legs.

The woman behind reception glanced over to me and gave me a warming smile.  I suppose she had picked up on my fidgeting trying to calm me with her kind gesture.  This was silly, I have been in this situation many times in my life, why should I be so scared this time?

Why is it that they always keep you waiting, when they know you have arrived?  The dutiful receptionist had buzzed them to let them know about 10 minutes ago.  I crossed my right leg over my left once more and my foot began to tremble.  I put it to the floor and carefully tucked my leg behind the left one.  There…that stopped it.

As I glanced over the top of my magazine I noticed two guys stood talking in the corridor directly behind the door from reception.  They were clearly visible through the small glass pane just above the handle.  Were they talking about me?  Were these the people I had come to see?  My hands became clammy, my fingers sticking to the page.  I closed the magazine and placed it on my lap.  Damn, the ink had transferred to my sticky fingers.  I rubbed my hands together in the hope that the ink would disperse.  It worked.

The two men were now looking through the glass and talking.  I caught the dark haired one’s eye and he nodded in confirmation, throwing in a smile for good measure.  The door began to open as he pushed on it.  I placed the magazine back on the table and straightened my skirt.  This was it, I’m sure he had come for me.  His colleague disappeared through the door immediately opposite reception.

“Hi, I’m Mark”, the man announced as he approached me with his hand outstretched.  “You must be Suze?”, he said with a slight inflection.  “Yes”, I replied in a rather shaky voice”.  “Follow me”, he said as he turned and headed back towards the door he came in through.  The woman on reception smiled and I managed to catch her name badge.  She was “Gayle…Gayle Godwin”.  “Thanks Gayle”, I offered as I walked through the door to my destiny…
…He opened the door and there in front of me were two desks end to end, with one chair directly in front of me and the other two facing towards me. I entered the room.  One of the chairs was already occupied by the mousy haired guy I had seen only moments ago.  He stood up as I approached the table and reached out to shake my hand.  I think he could have been nervous too, his hand was warm and clammy.

The room was blue and quiet antiseptic in appearance with very little in the way of furnishing and there was a slightly fusty, unused smell about it.  The table and chairs were on the expensive side of office furnishings, sturdy and well made with padded seats instead of the pre-formed plastic ones which hurt your buttocks after a while.

Mark pointed to my chair and asked me to take a seat as he and the other guy sat back down at the other side of the tables.  There were three glasses and a pitcher of water on the desk in front of me and the guys on the other side had notebooks and pens laid out before them.  I placed my brief case down on the floor against the table leg.

“Before we begin, can I offer you a glass of water?”, asked Mark.  I willingly accepted, at times like these my throat always dries up and I go a little horse, so a glass of water was quite welcome.  He passed the glass to me and I took a small lady like sip from it and placed it down with my right hand.

“This is Peter, he is the head of the department and is sitting in to ask a few questions if that is alright?”, enquired Mark.  “That’s fine, no problem at all”, I replied.  Mark began to shuffle his A4 sheets and I took a look around.  There was a wall mounted projector and television at the far side of the room.  Over in the far corner was a cabinet with a telephone, coffee machine and cups upon it.  I assumed this was the media room.

I shuffled on my chair and pulled my skirt down towards my knees.  I hadn’t realised I did this when I was nervous.  The two guys were sat with their backs to the window, the vertical blinds were closed to keep the sunlight and prying eyes out.  The ceiling mounted spotlights were not very powerful and the room was quite dimly light to say we were having an interview.

“Make yourself comfortable”, suggested Peter as he swung on his tie loosening the knot.  He then removed it from his neck, rolled it round his hand. He placed it on the table to his left.  “Good idea”, Mark said as he proceeded to do the same.

I must admit this unnerved me slightly, in the past interviews have been very formal and not at all relaxed.  But hey, maybe they have a different kind of work ethic at this company.  I thought no more about it.  I crossed my left leg over my right and cleared my throat with a small cough.

“Can I suggest you remove your jacket it’s a little hot in here today the air con seems to have gone mad” prompted Mark as they both did the same.  They were like book ends, both wearing white starched shirts and suits.  I complied and removed my jacket, placing it over the back of my chair.

“Now I see from your resume that you have been in this industry for the past 10 years”, began Mark standing up and stepping away from his seat.  He flipped over the first page of my CV and began to walk around the desk to the left of me finally coming to a standstill behind my chair.  He rested his hand upon my right shoulder and assured me that I should not be nervous the meeting was an informal one.

I took a deep breath and his hand rose and fell with the movement of my shoulders.  I felt slightly uncomfortable him being behind me with his hand on my shoulder, I uncrossed my leg and adjusted my seating position.  He continued to read through the pages of my CV, giving the odd “Uhm” and “I see” as he read on.  I looked across the table, Peter was reading through my resume with keen interest too.

Mark bent down and whispered in my right ear, “What made you apply for this particular position?”  I could feel his hot breath against my ear and the deep intake of breath which followed.  “This position would be a step up the ladder for me and I felt ready for the challenge”, I replied staring forward at Peter.  Peter nodded in agreement as Mark bent towards my ear again, “I see”.  His hand began to massage my shoulder, he must have felt my muscles tense against his fingers as he worked them.  “Relax, no need to be tense”, he whispered in to my ear again.

I felt unsure of the situation and how I should react to it.  My first instinct was to rebuff his attentions but my inner self told me to sit back and enjoy the attention, after all this guy was quite handsome and sexy too.  But how could I think like this, I was in an interview for a desk job for heavens sake?

He continued to massage and I began to respond, only he didn’t know it.  He was unaware that my crotch was becoming moist as my lips began to swell with the increased blood flow.  They were pulsing…hot, as my arousal increased.

“This all looks in order”, he said as he stepped in to my peripheral vision.  His shirt was now fully unbuttoned down to the waistband of his trousers and his downy chest was clearly visible.  He had a bit of a tummy but nothing a few situps wouldn’t sort out.  I coughed in to my hand in a coy “I’m not sure what to do” way.

He noticed me staring at his left nipple, it was pierced with a small bar.  Why did I not see that through his shirt earlier?  He placed the papers down on the table and knelt down next to me.  As he did so I noticed that Peter was no longer sitting opposite me.

I heard the click as the lock made its way home on the door.  Peter was making sure that we were not disturbed.

Mark’s hand was now on my right shin, I jumped a little as he began to move up my leg.  I bit my lip as I looked down at Mark who was staring up at me waiting for approval.  I smiled.  He moved towards my face, mouth opening.  He placed his lips to mine and I momentarily resisted his tongue as he pushed it between my lips.  This felt so wrong but at the same time I couldn’t resist his attentions.  Mark’s hand was now under my skirt heading for my stocking clad thighs and ultimately my moist panties.  I shuffled on my chair parting my legs to receive him.  Our tongues wrestled and our lips embraced as he took me under his spell.

I could sense Peter’s body heat to my left side and I recognised the sound of a zipper being unfastened in my left ear.  Mark could kiss.  He tussled and probed with his tongue whilst pushing his body between my open legs and wrapping his left arm around me.

He parted from my lips, looked in to my eyes piercing my soul with his wanton look.  Then he  began to unbutton my crisp red blouse, a small tug released it from my skirt.  I let him, almost powerless to resist.  It felt like my whole body had lost the ability to resist him.  My chest heaving up and down with rapid breaths of anticipation.  I glanced to the left, Peter had his flies undone and was working his hand up and down his stiffening shaft.  Mesmerised I watched him wanking as Mark scooped up my breast and set if free from my red lace bra.

Warm lips wrapped around my erect nipple and I began to tingle as his tongue played with it.  Peter was pulsing with blood, the tip of his cock was now almost purple as he slowly but rhythmically pulled his foreskin to and fro over the tip of his glans.  I looked up, he was watching Mark sucking on my engorged nipple.  “Ouch!”, I exclaimed.  “Is that good Suze?”, enquired Mark grazing his teeth over my hard nipple.  “Yes”, I sighed.

Mark’s hand was now on my wet crotch, pushing the fabric up between my lips with his fingers.  Gently, he rubbed up and down my swollen slit.  It was divine, my clit was so sensitive to his touch now.  I became aware of my rapid breaths, I could not exercise any control over my respiration.  My excitement was too overpowering now.

I looked to the side, Peter was still tugging at his dick and a small cloudy bead of pre cum was clearly visible at the end of his erection.  I leaned over to the left just enough to be able to retrieve it with my tongue as he continued to bring himself closer to ejaculation.  He tasted good and I found myself wanting, no needing to take his hardness in to my mouth.

He edged closer to me with the trousers around his ankles restricting his steps. I opened my mouth in response.  I didn’t need to ask, he inserted his cock between my eager lips.  I gently sucked the tip of his penis.  Mark was now working my pussy, running his fingers between my soggy panties and my pussy.  My clit was so sensitive to touch, released from it’s fleshy hood.  I sat further back in my seat, giving him unrestricted access to my cunt.

I pushed down on Peter’s erection sliding his foreskin back with my lips as I went.  He placed his hands in my hair as I took him to the back of my throat.  Shit I nearly gagged as my nose buried in to his trimmed pubic hair.  He smelled freshly washed and slightly lemony.  I eased off him and straightened my throat in preparation to take his whole length this time.  I could taste the blood coursing through his veins as my tongue ran over his taught foreskin.  Mark began to push his fingers inside my hot swollen and very hungry pussy.

That was better.  I slowly moved up and down Peter’s erection caressing the underside of his hardon  with my tongue.  I began to increase speed and tongue tension as I fucked him with my mouth.  More pre cum, I could taste it at the back of my throat when he bottomed out.  His hands grasped my hair with more urgency as he arched his back.

I bobbed my head up and down on his throbbing dick as Mark’s fingers pushed deeper and faster inside me.  He hit my g-spot and I momentarily released my grip around Peter giving voice to a moan of decadent pleasure.  This interview was turning in to a delightful orgy.

To be concluded …