September Sex Story – Part 3, Taking Two Girls In The Shower

By | September 2, 2010

Pink uniformAfter the exertions of the day our evening meal was supposed to be a relaxing affair followed by a quiet drink at a local pub to unwind before retiring. There was plenty of time to investigate more of the local nightlife in the coming days.

I told my girlfriend about the girl in the ice cream parlour. She loved it when I described the flood of cum running down the girl’s legs and onto the stone floor. I was told in no uncertain terms that I would be making up later for the fact that my girlfriend hadn’t been there to watch.

We sat down to eat in the quaint, but old fashioned dining room and were pleasantly surprised that the waiting staff had changed from the pleasant but ancient pair of old dears who had served us on our first two nights. We were late and by the time we were eating all the other guests had left the dining room. One of the waitresses was around 40, tall, voluptuous and popping out of her blouse due to the mass of her tits. She finished clearing the tables of the previous diners as we were just beginning and waved goodbye to our waitress who was left to attend to us. She was younger, about 35 with reddish hair and a full round bottom that filled her black knee-length skirt to perfection.

We joked with her when she served us and she said we made a lovely couple. We told her that we often did, but not always with each other. She laughed, taking it as a joke then noticed the look in my girlfriend’s eye and the realisation dawned that we weren’t joking. At this point one of two things could have happened. Either she would back off or pretend the moment hadn’t happened and we would all carry on as if nothing had happened.

What happened was hugely exciting. My girlfriend smiled as the waitress leant over the table towards her on the premise of picking up a side plate but letting my girlfriend look straight down the front of her blouse. At the same time she thrust her bottom out giving me a marvellous view of her perfectly curved buttocks.

Then she walked slowly to the kitchen wiggling her hips for us both to see in an obscenely provocative manner.


Later I dozed off on in our room. I could hear the sloshing of water while my girlfriend showered, then heard the door open then close. Unfamiliar footsteps padded across the carpet and paused outside the bathroom door.

I slowly woke and was just in time to see the waitress from earlier slip off her skirt and let it drop to the floor before walking into the bathroom unbuttoning her blouse. My girlfriend let out a small yelp of surprise, then exchanged a few words with the waitress before I heard giggling and the sounds of splashing water and moans from the shower.

I listened, picking out the familiar sounds of joy from my girlfriend and the new, exciting exclamations from the waitress. I was getting stiff in my trousers but let my cock be, there would be plenty of time for me later. The only question was if it would involve one, other or both of the girls.

I got my answer when my girlfriend appeared in the doorway, naked with her skin still glistening with water.

“We’ve run you a bath.” She said.

I smiled and slid off the bed, walking bare-footed across the carpet and onto the tiles of the steam filled bathroom. The waitress was sitting on the edge of the bath, her clothes were strewn across the floor. The dark skin of her erect nipples drew my eyes and as she got up and began to undress me I couldn’t resist grasping one in my hand and squeezing it.

“Hey! What about me?” My girlfriend protested pushing along side the waitress. I obliged and cupped her breast in my hand while she unbuckled my belt.

A few moments later I was naked, my cock hard and waving in front of me.

“You need a wash.” Said my girlfriend and indicated I should get into the bath.

As soon as I slipped into the tub they both began to wash me …

To be continued.