September Sex Story – Part 7, Zoe’s Panties

By | September 3, 2010

DirtyThis story continues from here you might want to read this part first.

I pushed into the cramped cubicle with the girls shutting the door behind me and locking the door. Lisa had put the seat down and was sitting facing Zoe. Zoe was leant forward hands on the wall above the cistern. Lisa reached up and began to massage Zoe’s boobs through her dress.

I pulled up Zoe’s dress to expose her round arse. Her light blue cotton thong was soaked with her own juices, its thick scent filling my nostrils. I yanked them down her legs, tearing one side open in my haste and let them fall to the floor. “Steady on!” laughed Zoe.

I rubbed my fingers across Zoe’s labia, spreading the slippery juices from her pussy over her freshly shaved pudenda and over her asshole. I lingered there a moment teasing the puckered opening with a moist finger. Her sphincter contracted involuntarily, then relaxed as the initial shock of the unexpected stimulation was warmly accepted.

Her hips swayed and her asshole opened inviting me to probe further, but I had more urgent needs to satiate. I unbuckled my trousers and let them fall then yanked my cock over the waistband of my briefs.

Lisa had uncovered Zoe’s breast now and was tugging at her nipples while kissing Zoe passionately. I ran the tip of my cock across Zoe’s glistening labia mixing my precum and her nectar, lubricating me for my intrusion into her sex.

Zoe moaned, mouth still clasped to Lisa’s. My cock was just parting her lips, I waited a moment watching as Lisa’s hand slid into the dark curls on Zoe’s head pulling her towards Lisa ensuring their faces were pressed together. Slowly and deliberately I pushed my cock into her pussy. In a few moments I was ball-deep and wanted to thrust and cum as quickly as I could, but I waited.

Lisa pushed Zoe slightly away and dipped her head to suck on a nipple. That was my queue to begin sliding in and out of a pussy that I had not experienced for nearly 10 years. Zoe rocked with my strokes, first being pushed towards the wall by each one then pushing back wanting more and harder.

I grasped her waist to steady myself and took control of my pace. I rolled my hips back, levering the tip of my cock onto her G Spot, feeling the change in her movements, hearing the more lustful tone of her moans. In ten or twelve strokes she came, already excited by bringing Lisa off and the sensation of Lisa’s mouth on her tits. My cock rubbing her G Spot was the sensation that pushed her over the edge.

Zoe’s pussy became suddenly wetter, her vaginal muscles clenched my cock. I grabbed her shoulders, one in each hand and slammed into her. I was ready to cum and yet wanted it to last just a little longer, five strokes, four, three, two, one Oh fuck! I let myself go and unleashed a wave of cum into her spasming snatch.

We walked back to our hotel Zoe on one side, Lisa on the other. Zoe craned her head to whisper in my ear. “I’ve got your cum running down my legs.”

“I heard that!” said Lisa, laughing.

“So.” I asked Zoe “When did you tell Lisa you knew me?”

“Just before I took her into the loo. I’m enjoying getting to know you again.”

“Hey!” cried Lisa “I’m next.”

And indeed she was …

To be continued …