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Bizarre Fetishes?

It may be a question of semantics to some, but to others the use of the wrong term to describe a place, thing, person or activity can be irritating, embarrassing or even offensive. It’s more likely to be the case if what you’re trying to describe is very personal to someone. Take homosexuality. Gay or […]

Ambiguous Borderlands (the paradox of masochism)

Thanks again to Mistress 160 and Solipsist for this, the final part of their splendid contribution to The Journey. Ambiguous borderlands (the paradox of masochism) BY: Mistress 160 and Solipsist PART 2 What is Pain Like for the Masochist? 1. It just plain hurts. Battered nerve endings waiting for cessation. 2. Delicious: imagine your lover’s […]

Ambiguous Borderlands (the paradox of masochism)

I’m delighted to be bringing you this pair of posts as the latest in my regular series “The Journey”. Last month brought insight into Mistress160’s view of her relationship with her husband Solipsist. This month we gain an insight into Sol’s perspective. Ambiguous Borderlands (the paradox of masochism)  BY: Mistress 160 and Solipsist PART 1: Masochist: “Hurt […]

Becoming by Mistress 160 (Part 2)

This is the second part of “Becoming” by Mistress 160 which began on Monday. Enjoy. Part 2: Becoming Mistress160: So I began – we BOTH began – reading up on everything. Book after book came into our home on how to become dominant, the psychology of D/s, power exchange, how to use a flogger, types […]

Becoming by Mistress 160

This post and the second part “Becoming Mistress160”, which will follow on Wednesday, were written by Mistress 160. They form part of my occasional series, “The Journey”, where I attempt to explore different and unusual aspects of sexuality. I hope you’ll enjoy reading Mistress 160’s work as much as I do. A D/s life story in two parts: […]

The Journey #1

I set out a few months ago to give a real voice to some of the sexual fetishes and predilections out there. Some manifestations of sexuality are very well represented both in commercial sites and amateur blogs. Others, like the incorporation of inflatables into sexual play are a hardly ever talked about. I have talked […]