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More Than The Kama Sutra

India is known to everyone for the famous Kama Sutra, but like all art and the book is a beautiful piece of art there is more to the Kama Sutra than just what it depicts. Any sex manual can show you a myriad number of sexual positions but where the Kama Sutra is concerned the […]

Sex toys; the past, the present and the future as we see it

A brief history of sex toys The use of sex toys is thought to date back tens of thousands of years, with phallic-shaped stone artefacts being found in ancient caves, and traces of sex toys and pornography scattered throughout our history. For instance, in ancient Greece, 500 years B.C., women were said to have given […]

Girls and Their Sex Toys

I don’t know about you but I do enjoy a vibrator that I control rather than one which controls me. By that I mean that I like a vibe that is easy to use, doesn’t cost a lot of money and is quite discreet. That way I can have a little fun whenever and wherever […]

Sex Toys to Heat Up Your Winter

Winter is here and you still haven’t finished shopping, the presents aren’t wrapped, you still have to buy a ham and clean your house. It’s a stressful time, made even more stressful by the fact that you have to think of the perfect gift for your partner. You want to get them something useful, but […]