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Blood, Sweat And Sex

AlexSuze.comCan anyone explain to me just why it is that I am so horny when I am menstruating. Even when I have slight stomach cramps I can’t help myself, although it does help to uncramp the muscles causing the discomfort sometimes.

Previous guys I have dated wouldn’t have anything to do with sex when I was on my period. For some reason they thought it was dirty or taboo or something. And me in my peak of sexual arousal, just wanting a good hard shag. 😉

I’m lucky I have Alex now and he will give me a good seeing too whenever I want one. Lol No seriously, he has never shyed away from having intercourse with me when I have been menstruating.

We usually get the old “fucking towel” out as a precaution to avoid soiling the bedsheets but usually it isn’t that messy. Most of the blood tends to heat up on his thrusting cock and become red dandruff instead of fluid which may drip.

I also find that blood provides a very good lubricant. Not too slippy and ever so slightly tacky, which brings about perfect stimulation inside me. My g-spot at certain times is more sensitive and responsive too.

It is advisable that you keep a box of tissues or in our case a roll of loo roll to hand just in case you need to reinsert your cock inside your lady or her ass could end up covered in red fingerprints. Mine has several times.

There is no need to feel ashamed or worried about intercourse during menstruation, it may not be for everyone but I can’t wait for a week, no way!

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Golden Showers, golden showersWe have a couple of rather neglected blogs, one of which is Suze’s “Suze’s Views“. I thought I’d publish one of Suze’s most interesting articles on the blog. It was originally published on a couple of years ago.

It began as Suze recalling a childhood aquantance and as is often the way with such things sparked her interest in the subject, leading to a little research and a further post.

You can read Part 1 & Part 2 on “Suze’s Views“.

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Special Treats

AlexSuze.comIt was late, the office had been almost deserted for nearly an hour. Only him left, toiling away, and for what? Yes it paid the bills, the mortgage and for the occasional treat for them both, but it was grey. A dull grey that transcended the mere colour and became and indelible creeping pigment seeping behind his eyes and into his mind.

Day after day the grey wore away a little of the vitality and enthusiasm he once had for life, sucked the colour from his soul and the inspiration from his mind. He was just a spectator as his life was taken from him by this mundane, humdrum existence.

The intercom buzzed.


“PC Repair” replied a muffled voice.

“Come in. it’s room 12a.” He pressed the door release. Bzzzzz.

He heard the door open and footsteps in the corridor outside.

Knock, knock.


The door opened to reveal a woman, about his age, brown hair, blue-green eyes, nice hips … “I need to get out more” he thought to himself.

“It’s the CD drive, there’s a disk in and it won’t open. Be careful, it’s my wife’s, one of her favourites.” He explained.

She leant over him to reach his mouse. Her perfume was light but exotic, not one he recognised. There was a stirring in his trousers. “Oh for Christ’s sake control yourself!” he thought, “oh, there we go, now I can’t stand up.” His cock began to strain against the wool blend.

She was fortunately oblivious to his appreciation of her proximity, and the semi-obscured view of her breasts that her half-buttoned blouse offered to him. A white lacy bra, cupping soft, twin, inviting prizes.

“I’ll have to get inside the case, strip it down, the drive’s jammed.”

Strip, strip, strip, ip, ip. The word echoed in his head for too long. Yes strip, here in front of me now, slowly, carefully, casually, coyly. One piece of clothing at a time removed, abandoned, before we abandon reason and I fuck you on the desk. “You need help.” He told himself.

Click, click went the mouse her hand cupping it as it would his balls. Balls now snuggled in his tightly drawn up scrotum.

She turned and leant on the desk, planting her buttocks on the utilitarian faux wood finish. Her knee, exposed by her short skirt rubbed his leg. Short skirt, not very practical. A tiny silver bell rang in the back of his head. He ignored it.

Short skirt, the thought returned, only inches to stocking tops and then, the fragrant prize beyond. Moist, welcoming, satisfying.

What was she doing with her hand! Microsoft Certified and very Professional, her fingers came to rest on the outline of his stiff, hard cock.

His throat was dry. He swallowed, a comedy gulp that Chaplin would have been proud of.

Her free hand uncoupled her blouse buttons exposing her lace cosseted breasts. Another gulp.

She grabbed his hand and slid it up her skirt, let him find his own way when he got the gist. Stocking, black, shear, tops smooth, unfussy, soft expanse of naked skin before, before, cotton panties, warm and moist already.

He gazed at her, eyes locked to hers as he navigated two digits inside her snatch. Gratified by her dreamy smile he waited for her next move. Deft fingers uncovered her prize, stiff and glistening from the steady flow of precum oozing from its tip.

Slosh, slosh, in and out his fingers finding her G-spot and coaxing a steady flow of slippery fluid from her receptive pussy. His fingers palm and wrist were wet, her inner thighs bathed in her own essence.

She rolled the skin of his cock back and forth feeling him shudder and with a growing excitement anticipated the inevitable climax with a finally frantic, wrist-flicking flourish. Cum showered his tie and her hand. The thick globules of white pearly fluid slowly giving up their more liquid components and darkening the red silk in gradually widening dark patches.

She gasped and groaned, urged him to take her to that final high. His fingers curled and uncurled, pushing into her as she pressed down onto her own, personal flesh and blood sex toy. When her climax crash across her form she became silent except for a long low moan to accompany her shivering, quivering limbs.

His hand became locked in place, fingers gripped by her spasming pussy and vice like gripping thighs.

At that moment he expected to wake up and find he had fallen asleep at his desk and have an extra pair of trousers that needed dry cleaning. But no, his service engineer with impeccable service didn’t disappear, she continued milking the remaining cum from his cock until she was satisfied he was thoroughly spent.

He reached into his jacket, extracted what appeared to be a business card. And re-read it thoughtfully. He’d forgotten it was there …


Two weeks earlier …

The game was good fun, the adult theme had them horny, as did the relaxing effects of the wine. They didn’t manage to the finish a whole game, but then that wasn’t the point, and acted out the fantasy the cards had prescribed like newlywed teens with no regard for the neighbours.

They both retained a “Treat Card” to be carried out at a later date. Hers read, “Hire your partner a very special strip-o-gram, be as naughty as you like.”


He pondered how he could match his treat with the one the card instructed him to arrange for her …

Sex On The move, mobile siteA few weeks ago we started wondering about adding a mobile device optimised section to the site. Because of the constraints placed upon any such site by the size of the display available and the ease of navigation on a mobile device (especially mobile phones) we’ve been mulling it over since then.

What we decided to do, for now, is to publish our last five posts here We’re sure to add to is in the future but we hope you’ll like it for now.

Now the techy stuff:

  • The site is not WML compliant so if your phone only works with WML compliant markup then I’m afraid you will not be able to read it. We may be adding a WML compatible site, but even if we do it will only be a very basic version (probably a duplicate of the current XHTML site you can see today).
  • The Site therefore requires an XHTML capable mobile browser. The markup is not absolutely w3c XTHML compliant as of the time of this post. However it displays fine on our two year old Nokias and will be fully XHTML compliant when I’ve twiddled with the tags tonight.

If you find any problems please contact me .

We’ll adding a mobile section to shortly too 🙂

A big thanks to Ana at and her new mobile site for getting us thinking about mobile browsing.

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Slow Morning Fuck And A Little Something To Remember Him By

AlexSuze.comIf you read my earlier post you will be aware that I had a half day of Friday and boy what a half day it was too! I woke up early on Friday morning, the nights are drawing in and the mornings are dark now.

When I awoke I had to check the clock it was so dark outside. I could just make out Alex’s form in the bed against the meagre light from the window. He was fast asleep on his back and I just couldn’t resist placing my gently on his groin. I thought there may just be a chance that he had a little early morning wood. And me being an opportunist I couldn’t let the prospect pass my by.

I was disappointed, he was laying limp and warm against his groin. As I began to gently stroke his cock with an upward fingertip touch, he stirred slightly and placed his left hand between my legs. Good sign I thought. 😉

He was now responding very nicely to my ministrations, firming by the minute. It was nice to just lay there stroking each other in the haziness of sleep. My eyes were firmly shut and I felt a sense of well being and comfort as we lay there gently playing with each other. No rush, no pressure, just a drowsy sexual encounter. One to savour.

Alex removed his hand from between my legs, spat on his finger and inserted it back between my warm pussy lips. He started to run his finger up and down my clit and I moaned my appreciation. No words were spoken, none needed.

His cock was now firm under my hand and I grasped him firmly, pulling back his foreskin. I traced a finger over his crown and felt the warm wetness of his pre cum. He seemed to be as randy as I was. My cunt was now well lubed and he rubbed my clit with more vigour and purpose.

“Turn on to your side towards the wall”, he whispered in the dark. I complied lifting my nightshirt to just under my armpits, exposing my breasts. I felt the warmth of his breath against my neck, then a kiss on the nape. “Open you legs you horny girl”, he asked as he parted my legs and guided his cock between them.

Still semi asleep, I felt him push inside me my inner labia gripping him firmly as he pushed into my warmth. His hips hit my buttocks as he fed every last inch of his erection inside me. I brought my knees up towards my chest to enable him to penetrate me fully.

I clutched my pillow between my hands as he began to gently move in and out of me, his cockhead almost slipping from between my labial grip on his outward stroke. Then straight back in, cervix deep. I gripped his cock with my pelvic floor muscles and he fucked me slow and deep.

His breath and groans in my right ear added to the moment and before long I had my first orgasm. My thighs were wet and so were his balls, my buttocks were now wet and slightly sticky. “Is that good?”. “Oh yes”, I whispered.

He was now grinding in to me and kissing the back of my neck and fuck I was orgasming again. His hand reached under my arm and grabbed a handful of my breast. He pinched my nipple hard and despite the pain I was unbelievably turned on, he rolled it between his fingers with a firm but very arousing pinch. Fuck, I was coming again.

With an arching of his back and an almighty thrust in to me which nearly took my breath away Alex twitched the familiar dance of the orgasm. Agggghhhhh! He exclaimed as he continued to pump his hot seed in to me.

Spent his cock slipped from between my legs and Alex rolled on to his back. He turned his head towards me and with a smile said “That’s just how much I love you”. I smiled and was about to snuggle up to him when he turned to check the time and proclaimed, “Shit I’m going to be late”. He leaned over to kiss me on the lips and jumped out of bed.

I wish we could have lay there for a while savouring the moment but first thing in a morning it is difficult to have enough time and I was just happy to be going to work with an “I’ve just been fucked face”. 😉

The drive to work was the most relaxing I have had in ages, despite the congestion. It’s amazing how an early morning screw can make your day start so much better.

Something happened just before lunch which made me recall my early morning encounter… 😉

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Behind the Bike Sheds (continued), AlexSuze wrote a story that we published recently about what it would have been like if we had been at school together and had hooked up then. Pure fantasy as we met up after high school, but a very provocative thought. I do have a thing about school uniforms, not schoolgirls, I’d like to make that very clear, just naughty grown-up girls in school uniforms. OK I admit it any form of smart uniform, military, police, nurse, a pretty common fixation I think you’d agree.

Anyway, back to the point of this post. As Suze left the story open ended with the mystery of “What happened to the panties?” I am now compelled to imagine what happened to them.

I walked back to the school yard with my cock dribbling down my leg. Seminal fluid making its way toward my knee. I make a quick trip to the boys toilets to clean it up, smelling my cum and Suzanne’s as I wipe myself off in the toilet stall.

Sufficiently cleansed of our fluids I leave for afternoon lessons with my memories and the small bulge of Suzanne’s panties in my trouser pocket. In physics class I swear I can smell her juices as my body heat warms the cotton panties in my pocket. Whether it’s my imagination or not I start to get hard as I listen to the physics teacher talk about Ohm’s Law. Hot blood fills my cock and I start to ooze at the though of what I did at lunchtime and what I’d like to do to her again.

To my horror the teacher suddenly shouts, “Alex, pay attention boy.” I jump obviously startled, obviously just woken from a [very erotic] daydream. “Is my lesson boring you?”, he asks. “Er, no sir.”, a cold scowl, “Er, no sir?”, he sneers, “Well if you can do better get out here and explain to the rest of us the relationship between voltage and current across a resistance in an electrical circuit …”.

The thought of standing up, in front of the class with a rapidly developing erection under my thin trousers causes blood to rush to my cheeks, I blush uncontrollably as I make my way awkwardly to the front of the class. Luckily, as I turn to face my audience a pile of unmarked exercise books on the teacher’s desk masks the bulge in my trousers from my classmates.

I stare at the blackboard blankly, I try to speak “Er, well V is er, current, no voltage and R is resistance in Ooms …”, “Ohm’s boy, Ohms”, “Ohms, so er to er I represents er”, “Current young man current”, “I represents current, you multiply …”

“I give up! Go and sit down. Detention for you tomorrow my lad. Now pay attention”

I shuffle back to my seat and try to keep my attention on the rest of the lesson. My cock now limp and deflated like the rest of me, the afternoon drags on and on. Finally the bell rings and I run home.

As soon as I’m through the door I run to my bedroom and hide my treasure away. I don’t want them falling out of my pocket at the dinner table and having to answer my mother’s obvious question 😉

I wolf dinner. “Are you going out tonight?”. “No, too much homework”, I lie, and dive off to my bedroom.

I open my bedside drawer and pull it out completely. Underneath is the small cavity which acts as my hiding place for my most secret possessions. On top of the two or three dog-eared porn magazines are Suzanne’s panties.

I take them out and silently replace the drawer, a well-practised manoeuvre.

I raise them to my nose, my excitement building. Their musky smell excites me immediately, my cock swelling and almost immediately uncomfortable in my jeans. My heart skips as I hear foot falls on the stairs. “We’re off to the supermarket. See you later Alex”, my mother’s voice.

Party time!

As soon as I hear the door close I jump out of my clothes and lay back on the bed. My erection throbbing and pointing towards my face. I stroke myself gently at first with my finger tips from top to bottom and then back down again. I cup my balls and squeeze them gently.

I grasp my cock in my fist, my only lubrication my own pre-cum. It’s quite sufficient as I’m incredibly excited. I move my fist up and down slowly, I’m already close to cumming, the thoughts of fucking Suze are too exciting to contain.

My impatience takes hold and I begin to pump my fist on to my cock. In only a few seconds I begin to spurt a shower of cum across my stomach and chest. The hot sticky fluid splashed onto me turning me on even more. If only Suze were here to lick it off. If only I could slide my fingers into her moist snatch.

The cooling semen starts to make its slow, viscous, descent down the sides of my stomach towards the bedding, reminding me to get cleaned up. The tissue, ever present in my top drawer is in easy reach.

I can’t stop thinking about Suze and what I’d like to do to her, what I want her to do to me. Thirty minutes later my cock is stirring again. I’m in the kitchen, making a coffee. It’s tingling, reminding me that I should be massaging it to a frenzied orgasm.

I unfasten my trousers and let them and my underwear fall to my ankles. Then I drop to my knees and begin wanking again. I’m a little dry so I spit on my shiny purple glans. Suzanne’s panties are in my hand and I smell them again. She’s there with me. My face is in her crotch, my tongue lapping at her warm musky slit. I slide my cock through one leg of the panties, they waft back and forth as I stroke my length.

I feel the orgasm rising, the cum erupting within me. Panic! No tissue to hand. I cup the panties in my hand cover the end of my cock just as I begin to produce jets of hot semen.

When the orgasm has subsided I carefully put them to one side.

Shall I give them back?

Shall I wash them before giving them back?

Kinky Boots, And Don’t Forget Amazing Bedroom Heels, Nitelife ShoesIf you haven’t already popped over the check out our new Ezine site then you really ought to you don’t know what you’re missing. Lol

Today I have just written a foot fetishists dream of a post including our first ever video clip on There is something there to delight even the most discerning of palates and other kinky people just like me. 😉

I feel another suggestion for Santa’s sack coming on.

And don’t forget, if you have an interesting feature, post or resource do let us know about it by emailing

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Booze And Balls

Well we both had a fun filled Saturday with little nephew and were more than glad to hand him over on Saturday evening to his parents. They weren’t quite so happy to receive him back. Lol. No, he is a good boy but very demanding or both your time and energy.

So, when we got back home we caught up with some of you bloggers out there and opened a bottle of red. Having little nephew over the weekend must have injected some Christmas spirit in to me because until his visit I had made no plans, shopping lists or even checked if we had any cards in stock from last year.

After a few glasses I decided to check out some online stores and sites to see what I could find for presents. I can’t recall ever doing my Christmas shopping when slightly tiddly but it is so easy to do it when you are sitting right at your computer and not such a good idea the day after when you realise what you committed to purchasing the night before.

I found a site which sold Space Hoppers, I must have been inspired by the E-Z Rider Rocker sex toy I reviewed a few weeks ago. You’ll never guess what I did…I only went and ordered the family pack for little nephew and his parents to use. 🙂 I’m not sure if they will love them or think I have gone completely off my trolley.

Warning! Never shop online when you have had one too many.

Now where is the Alka Seltzer. 🙂

Naughty Girl In Need of Spanking

AlexSuze.comThe ad had read “Wanted, naughty girl in need of spanking, OTK only, no restraint.” The email exchange between Him and her had been brief. The Journey to his house in the idle of an urban Georgian terrace was uneventful.

She stood outside the black painted door and contemplated the brass knocker for a moment, composing herself. Knock, knock.

The bolt was drawn back and the door opened slightly. A voice instructed “Count to twenty and then enter. She counted slowly 1 … 2 … … 19 … 20. She pushed open the door with one hand and stepped inside, closing the door and sliding back the bolt she had heard drawn back moments before.

The hallway was about four metres square, painted white with a black and white tiled floor. A small round oak table stood at its centre. On the table was an envelope with the words “Elizabeth. Read Me.” written on it in fountain pen. Elizabeth opened the envelope and read the letter inside. She replaced the letter and envelope on the table and began to follow the instructions it had given to her.

She placed her holdall on the floor beside her and removed all her clothes, carefully folded them and laid them on the table. The hall was cool and the floor even colder, so cold she thought her feet might freeze to the tiles. Her nipples stood erect and goose bumps covered her body from her areola to her calves.

Next she put on the schoolgirl uniform carried in her bag, white underwear and bra, white blouse and plaid skirt. She finished the outfit with black and white training shoes.

She was ready. Trainers squeaking on the polished tiles she approached the door to her right and knocked.

“Come” came a voice from within.

She entered into a room warmed by an open fire and lit with candles. The space was filled with an orange glow, inviting and relaxing. A long case clock hidden somewhere in the gloomy corners of the room ticked langurously.

Elizabeth ensured that her eyes stayed fixed on the red wool carpet. It was forbidden to look at Him. She walked towards the pair of feet she knew must belong to Him. She stopped when, with her head bowed, she could see the top of his chest. His hands were cradling a brandy balloon.

“So, you are my naughty little girl are you?” he asked.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Have you been very bad?”

“Yes, Sir.” Her voice was trembling from excitement and fear of what the large strong hands that rested in his lap would do to her.

“Then you know what I must do.” There was excitement creeping in to his stern voice, piercing the façade of total control.

Elizabeth slowly lowered herself across His lap.

She felt her short skirt being raised. Five fingers and a broad palm came to rest across her buttocks. He rubbed her, flat-palmed, through the cotton knickers. He caressed and squoze her shapely behind apparently enjoying its fullness and shape.

For several minutes he lingered, at one point exploring the cleft between her buttocks underneath her underwear. Elizabeth relaxed and drifted into contemplation of the punishment to come. The warmth of the open fire and His firm kneading of her gluteus maximus lulling her.

She hardly noticed when the hand ceased its roaming, or when the white cotton knickers were slipped over her hips and pushed half way down her thighs. She felt a gentle breeze on her freshly exposed skin from a long slow, brandy scented breath. Then for a moment, nothing. In that sweet instant in time her mind engaged and accelerated from a dreamy repose to adrenalin fuelled anticipation of his hands first contact. Her heart skipped a beat.

The sound of his hand striking its first blow reached her brain before she felt it. The sensation followed shortly after, not suddenly, but slowly, blossoming like a tactile flower across her exposed cheeks. He raised his hand and struck her again, she yelped. His hand was wide the fingers broad and his technique was to use his wrist with a flourish at the end of the stroke imparting a whip-like searing, stinging finish.

He stopped for a moment, relishing the developing red marks on the white skin of her buttocks.

She waited, barely daring to breath.

Seconds passed, the clock in the corner marking the time, each swing of its pendulum and cycle of its escapement emphasising the wait.

Tic. Toc. Tic. Toc.

Elizabeth shivered with excited anticipation. When would he begin again, when would he give her what she wanted, needed?

Tic. Toc. Tic … Slap.

Ah, the sweet tingling glowing pain.

Slap, she wished she could stand outside the scene watching his hand striking her skin, seeing the redness rise.

Slap, her backside became a fiery furnace, each new kiss of his hand stoking the redness of her hide and increasing the heat in her cunt.

Her crotch became wet and she felt the firmness in his trousers increase.

Slap. Slap. Slap.

The pain was nearing her threshold, tears welled in her ears. She gasped and sobbed.

The spanking ceased.

“Stand up.” He commended.

“Hands and knees.”

She complied, kneeling on the red carpet in front of the fire. She sensed him move behind her. Heard him unbuckle his trousers. Imagined his erect phallus heading for her pouting, wet, pussy.

He pushed himself inside her. Thrusting hard, each contact with her sore buttocks making her gasp with excitement and pain. Then he thrust so hard she fell forward, her cheek now pressed into the carpet, eyes staring sightlessly into the fire, lost in the burning logs and the inferno of her ass.
He pressed her into the floor with each stroke. She came, moaning, shouting, “Yes, yes.”

His hand pressed her between the shoulder blade, holding her down, but the restraint was symbolic, she wanted to be nowhere else but here. Right here, right now, with his cock impaling her and him …. Cumming, yes he was cumming and she came again too, feeling him pump his seed into her.

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Real World Sex

Here at and on our new site we talk about sex, write erotic fiction and carry out sex toy reviews. However one thing has been missing and we didn’t even notice.

We are both advocates of safe sex. We may write about casual encounters like this one, but we wouldn’t advise anyone to jump into bed with the next stranger they meet and have unprotected sex.

So to redress the balance somewhat we’re adding two links to our sidebar and hope that if you are thinking of sex with your first partner, a new partner or you are worried about having had unprotected sex they will give you a place to start looking for advice.

Essential Wear

R U Thinking

NHS Direct

If you would rather talk to a human being about your concerns you should see your family doctor, or if you’d prefer to speak to a healthcare professional on the phone, UK citizens can ring 0845 4647.

Sex should be fun and safe sex doesn’t mean that fun is in any way diminished. Whereas contracting an STI can prevent you having sex, make you ill, or in some cases kill you.

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Half Day And A Bit Of Clit Play

AlexSuze.comToday was a half day at work for me. I have to take my holiday allowance before the end of the year as we can’t carry it over.

My plans for the afternoon were quite mundane, clean the bathroom and wash the laminate floors the rest we did jointly yesterday in preparation for the arrival of little nephew. It’s a while since we had him over and we were both looking forward to it and when he’s gone to bed it’s our time! 😉

So, I hurried home, had a bite for lunch and launched in to the cleaning. Yawn. Floors cleaned and unable to be walked on for a while whist the dry…I thought I would disappear upstairs, relax, put on a naughty DVD (I hadn’t watched one for a while) and have a little me time.

I selected a DVD from our collection and retired to the bedroom. As I placed the DVD in the player I realised I hadn’t checked if Alex had sent me any texts whilst I was in work. He sometimes sends me naughty ones when I’m in the office, it takes me all my time not to giggle and blush. Lol

After closing the drive and pressing play I reached inside my handbag on the chair in the window and withdrew my mobile. I almost forgot to draw the curtains, I hurriedly pulled them too as the television screen is clearly visible to passers by.

Next was choice of weapon…I opened the toy suitcase under the bed and happened across my old and trusty friend the cherry nibbler clit tickler. No need to look any further, I closed the case and pushed it back under the bed.

I placed my mobile and the clit tickler on my bedside drawers and unbuttoned my black shirt and slipped it from my shoulders. Then I unzipped my black trousers and stepped out of them, too eager to climb between the sheets I flung them on to the chair in the window along with my blouse.

Wriggling out of my panties I cast them off to the floor. That was better! I selected the teasing scene from Orgasm Addicts, where Alicia has a girl wearing thigh length boots strung up to the ceiling by her wrists, I won’t tell you any more in case you haven’t seen the scene it’s a hot one. Well, just a little more…a spreader bar is used on the girl. 😉

I quickly check the messages on my phone. Nothing. Alicia begins to move in on the girl and I take hold of my clit stimulator moistening it with my own saliva. A couple of clicks later and I have parted my pussy lips and placed the vibrating cup over my sensitive clit. And wow, it was very receptive.

As I watched Alicia prey on this girl I began to imagine her working her tongue over my clit and sucking at my swollen pussy lips. I squirmed as the battery operated device hit the spot and placed my right foot on top of my left. You all know I do this by now. Lol It just seems to focus all my nerve endings on my masturbatory attentions.

I was very close to reaching orgasm and then the feeling subsided, you girls will know the scenario. You then have to chase the orgasm, adjusting your technique. I began to move the cup gently from side to side over my clit hood. That did the trick and I could feel my nerve endings jangle and resonate through my pelvis and in t0 my lower back.

It suddenly occurred to me I was now moaning quite loudly but luckily my nextdoor neighbours hadn’t arrived home from work, which also meant I could have the volume up on the DVD. Alicia is such a naughty Brit! 😉

A couple more glides over my swollen pink nub and I could feel my orgasm growing within my groin. My muscles started to tense and spasm, legs kicking involuntarily. I actually kicked the cat off the bottom of the bed, I was totally unaware it was there. Lol
My shoulders and upper body lifted off the bed as it took me deeper in to it’s grip. I gripped the bedsheet with my left hand and continued to work the vibe with my other. My upper body lifted from the bed several times like I was doing situp’s, totally out of my control. It was pure ecstacy, I felt as if I was glowing in a tingly kind of way.

I curled my toes upwards and tilted my pelvis, placing my foot firmly against the top of my left one once more. This time I came and my whole body shivered and juddered I was crying out with the emotion of the moment but there was nobody to hear me except Alicia and her friend.

Orgasm subsided and I collapsed spent on to the bed the clit stimulator falling from my loosening grip on to the bedsheet. The orgasm was so grippingly wonderful that I just wanted to share my emotions, the moment with someone.

It’s something I have never done before but I decided to take a picture of my swollen moist pussy with my phone. Don’t ask me where the idea came from I don’t know. Then I decided it would be a good idea to send the image to Alex. I know…sex can make you say and do some strange things. 😉

I captured the image and uploaded it in to a message which said just this, “Hi, I just wanted you to know I had the most earth shattering clitoral orgasm. Love Suze X” Then I pressed Send.

It occurred to me afterwards that I didn’t have a clue where Alex would be, he could have been with a client for all I knew.

An hour or so later when he arrived home I knew he had seen the picture as he entered the door with a cheeky smile on his face. “Well”, I said. “You have the most perfect timing. I was in a meeting at work when my phone went off”. “Oh, no!”, I gasped. “Luckily I waited to view the message until it was over”.

We both giggled.

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Lady Brigid 2

AlexSuze.comThe next day Doyle was setting up his easel in the orangery when he heard a dry cough behind him. It was Oates, “The Lady Brigid, Duchess of Hampton.”. Oates stepped to one side.

Doyle bowed, very slightly at the vision in a blue dress who appeared through the doors from the garden. She wore her chestnut hair up, save for a few strategically placed ringlets around her forehead.

Oates left them, promising, or was it threatening to return later with refreshments.

Carefully and without once touching Brigid, Doyle arranged his subject on the bench under the boughs of the largest orange tree. He stepped back and reviewed the scene. Not quite right.

Doyle knelt in front of the Duchess, “May I?”, he asked indicating that he needed to adjust the hem of her gown. “You may.” Finally happy with the scene, Doyle began work. For an hour he drew, calmly to begin with but with an increasing intensity.

As his strokes became more fevered, so Brigid became more aroused. Her eyes never faltered from this handsome, talented and above all darkly mysterious man who she had lost so much sleep over the night before. She felt her chest rise and fall, acutely aware of the reddening of her face.

He regarded her intently, studying her every curve and detail. His eyes often his only visible feature over his canvass, staring at her from beneath his long black hair.

She felt as if she had a raging, pulsing animal between her legs. Her sex craved for fulfilment, satiation in the most unimaginably sinful way. With a stranger, in her husbands house, maybe even in her husband’s bed …

… Oates arrived, with two maids carrying sandwiches and a pitcher of lemonade. He seemed intent on staying to serve but was ushered away by his mistress once the food and drink had been arranged on the small table at the end of the bench.

She passed Doyle a glass and filled it from the pitcher. As she finished pouring, lemonade dribbled down the side of his glass, onto his fingers. She took the glass from his grasp and placed it on the table. Her fingers slid around his wet hand and raised it to her lips, where she licked each finger in turn. She then slowly sucked the tip of his index finger into her mouth.

He felt her tongue circle his fingertip, then teeth gently pressed onto his skin. His breeches suddenly felt too tight around the crotch. Doyle looked into her eyes, “M’Lady …”. “Brigid”, she corrected.

“Brigid.”, said Doyle, “Should we not continue your sitting?”

“Is that what you want? Should not an artist get to know his subject, so he can paint the character of his muse, not just this ephemeral shell which we inhabit? I have so much that I could show you, were you to desire it.” Brigid considered what she just said, she had never even thought about herself like that before, Doyle was certainly making her think in a different way about herself.

This time it was Doyle who took the lead. Raising it to his lips he kissed the back of her hand, then turned it palm-up and gently bit her soft skin. She drew in a sharp breath. Looking up at her with his warm eyes Doyle suddenly bit her, drawing blood. Brigid cried out, but instead of pulling her hand away pressed the palm into his mouth while he tasted her essence.

Doyle stood up licking his lips. His groin was at Brigid’s eyelevel, the throbbing mass within his breeches invited her attentions. She was in no mood to refuse such an invitation. She stood too, the back of her hand brushing against his bulge as she turned, eyes meeting and inviting him to the rear of the orangery.

Once out of sight of the garden he took her in his arms and kissed her. His tongue entered her mouth immediately, neither felt the need for modesty or further courtship. Their intent was simple and pure, as pure and single minded as Belial’s inferno.

Brigid’s hands pulled at Doyle’s clothing, pulling down his breeches to reveal his proud manhood. When she felt its hot, pulsing hardness in her hand she had to see it. She pulled away from his mouth’s ravenous demands. When she had seen it, splendid and proud she had to devour it. So she knelt, worshipping at the altar of his sex, his balls in one hand, the base of his shaft encircled by the other. She guided him into her mouth, already watering with anticipation.

She lowered her head onto her prize until she could take no more, tasting him, smelling his masculinity. Then she felt his hands on the back of her head, and grabbing her hair she felt herself pressed harder and deeper onto him. She was unable to draw breath. She tried to pull away, it was futile, yet she was content with the futility, wanting him to control her. Then as she felt she would faint, like a swimmer breaking the surface she could breathe again. She fell backwards, long strings of saliva glistening on her chin and clothing, the world spinning around her.

Half unconscious she felt her dress being lifted to expose her cotton bloomers. She felt strong hands claw them down, ripping them in two, leaving nothing but tattered shreds around her ankles. She saw his huge phallus, waving in front of him, the end glistening from her saliva and with pre-cum dripping from the tip. She wanted him to impale her on his magnificent member. She want to be taken, without mercy. And she wanted it most because she knew it was wrong.

As he slid into her Doyle watched her face, half in this world, half in, well he could only guess where. She seemed surrounded by a golden aurora, not sexual bliss exactly, just contentment and supplication. His sure and powerful thrusts imbued her with life, her mind returning to full consciousness, then beyond as bliss turned to acute awareness, and awareness to wild, wanton lust.

Her arms flailed. She threw her head from side to side. His grunts turned to howls. Her whimpers turned to moans and then to throaty shrieks, matching his rhythm, each one expelled as buried himself within her. Her nails dug in to his back clawing at him through the linen of his shirt. They came as one, fiery eyed, gasping and snarling.


As she readied herself for bed that night Brigid noticed the brocade curtains were not fully closed. The grey air of her chamber pierced by a single shaft of silver moonlight.

She walked to the window. As she raised her hand to close the gap her eye was caught by a grey shape trotting across the lawn. It leapt across the ha-ha and swiftly made its way up the hill. It turned to face the house, even at this great distance she could see, or imagined she could see, the wolf’s eyes glittering in the moonlight. It raised its muzzle to the full moon and howled.

“Good night Mr Doyle”, she said softly.

Lady Brigid 1

AlexSuze.comBrigid raised a leg out of the bath and began to wash it from toe to thigh. The rich lather of the soap making the touch of her soft fingers slick and sensuous. As her hands moved above her knee she became acutely aware of how sensitive her skin had become. Washing her inner thighs made her tingle.

Her hand slid below the water and onto her swelling lips. They were sensitive, and pouting, clitoris engorged and demanding attention. She bit her bottom lip and stroked herself, outer lips first then probing her finger between them, parting them and pushing her finger inside. She tilted her hips upwards to respond to the trespassing finger. Then slowly she worked her fingers in and out. The water around her lips mingling with her own torrent of juices. The touch of her fingers on her most sensitive pink bud making her want to cry out, such was the intensity of the sensation.

She explored her folds with her hand, slipping deeper into an onanistic haze with each movement. Low moans escaped from her mouth as the pleasure intensified. Caution gave way to abandon as she started to cum. The bathwater was stirred into a maelstrom by her legs as her orgasm took her.


Oates’ eye had been pressed to the keyhole since the lady of the house had stepped into her bath. He rose to his feet, knees complaining, reminding him of his age. He smiled a lascivious smile and made his was to his quarters. The hot throbbing against his right leg promising him his weekly, clandestine gratification.


The gibbous moon struggled to pierce the boiling clouds, intermittently illuminating a solitary figure, laden down with a rucksack, trudging along the drove road.

He felt the cold breath of Faoilleach cut through him, it had come early this year. Tiny icy daggers seemed to pierce his face, cheeks becoming red, then raw under the onslaught. He tilted his head forward to gain the greatest protection from the hood of his rough woollen cloak. Maybe it was a trick of the light, what little there was, but he seemed to leave an inky trail of darkness behind him.

Clinging mud gave way to gravel crunching under his feet as he approached a set of tall iron gates set in the minutely perfect symmetry of a Palladian gatehouse. A door creaked open. A lantern with a guttering yellow candle preceded a gruff voice, “What’s your business?”.

From beneath the hood he replied, “I’m here to paint the lady’s portrait”. From the folds of his cloak he produced a piece of yellow-brown vellum. The gatekeeper took it from him through the wrought iron bars. He didn’t read the letter, just peered at the broken wax seal with age-clouded eyes and ensured the signature was that of the duchess. He was not a man of letters.

The gatekeeper’s mood changed, his manner more friendly as he fumbled with the padlock key, “You’ll be Mr Doyle. Just a moment sir.”. The gate swung open. “It’s about a mile to the house. You being so late they took back the carriage a while ago.”

“No matter. Goodnight Harris”, said the stranger as he and his rucksack lumbered towards the House.

“Mind you stay on the drive Sir, them woods is dangerous”, shouted the gatekeeper, securing the padlock. As he settled in front of his small coal fire in the gatehouse he couldn’t help wondering how the painter had known his name. Perhaps the Duchess had mentioned it in the letter.

Rain, in huge drops began to fall from the leaden sky.


Oates walked slowly to the oak doors, his pace steady as a metronome, countenance fixed somewhere between serenity and distain for the rest of creation. The doors were shaken again by the tardy visitor’s fist. Oates may have just slowed, imperceptibly. The impudence of the artisan’s late arrival infuriated him.

Initial introductions were terse and less than welcoming, leaving the painter dripping on the marble floor of the huge pillared entrance hall. Oates made off to announce Mr Doyle’s arrival.

Doyle drew back his hood to reveal a mane of wavy shoulder length hair, shinny and black as jet. His hazel eyes scanned the four doors leading off the hall. One to his left, one right and one either side of the huge statute of Poseidon at the far end of the hall. The one to Poseidon’s left was slightly ajar. Briefly, a pale face partly hidden behind a fan appeared. Doyle’s nostrils flared, pupils widened, the hairs at the base of his skull rose. Realising its owner had been seen, the face disappeared into the gloom of the room beyond.

Oates reappeared, “Your room is ready, sir”. The “sir” was a mere courtesy, the tone more than expressing his distaste for Doyle.


She lay in her bed awake for most of the night. Her mind thought only of the rough hewn artist she had seen standing in the hall.

That hair, black as a raven’s wing, cascading from his head. His eyes, piercing her across the room. Her heart pounded again as it had when she first saw him, blood rushed to her cheeks. Her chest heaved. Nipples becoming hard and pressing against the inside of her cotton nightdress. When she moved the fabric rubbed against and electrified those two pink buds, making her want to touch them. Touch them in a way she knew she shouldn’t.

The image of the painter haunted her. This was wrong! And it felt even more wrong as she sensed a warmth and moistness building between her thighs. She slid her land down to feel the velvety softness of wet, swollen labia. She drew her hand to her face, the rich odour of her own arousal overriding her social conditioning, which told her not to do this. She licked her fingers tasting the forbidden nectar and enjoying this elicit delicacy.

She chastised herself for her behaviour, she was a married woman. She was contemplating what it would be like to have this man, let him have her, in the most wanton way. Guilt overwhelmed her and she began to sob, quietly, at her immorality.

Around three her husband rolled into bed in the next room, colliding with furniture, cursing and incoherent. The guilt she felt at her wandering eye vanished and, exhausted, she drifted into the arms of a dreamless sleep.

Party Tricks

AlexSuze.comAccepting an invitation to a party when you don’t know the host, or most of the host’s friends, is not something I normally do. The chances of being left in a corner cradling a beer and edging yourself into crowds of revellers to join in their conversations, without looking like that’s what you’re trying to do is pretty high. I accepted the invitation nonetheless, I mean your friends wouldn’t abandon you, would they.

So there I am ninety minutes after arriving, standing in the corner hugging a beer and wondering how my so called mates managed to lose me. I decided that the answer was that they were well practiced at it.

One of the two couples was notorious for slipping off at the first opportunity to get busy in the coat bedroom. This meant that in the winter they were in danger of dying from heat exhaustion due to the layers of heavy garments they burrowed under to fuck. In the summer late arrivals were more likely to see his backside rising and falling as she screamed her passion in a complete stranger’s coat pocket.

The other couple seemed to be locked in a nihilistic cycle involving flirting outrageously with members of the opposite sex just within earshot of each other, getting up close and personal with their chosen temporary paramour then erupting into a brief and apparently cataclysmic row with each other before retiring to the lavatory for thirty minutes for a conciliatory shag. They seemed totally unphased by the accusatory stares of the queue of full-bladdered party goers that greeted them on their exit.

My glass looked rather full so I decided to empty it and make way for the second of what I hoped would be many beers to make the night go quicker. It was either that or walk home now.

I retrieved a recently arrived can from the fridge and cracked it open. The resulting spray soaking my arm. I turned to the drainer to leave the can to settle and in so doing dribbled foaming beer down a skirt worn by a female guest.

“Shit, sorry.”

“Twenty minutes” she replied.


“I’ve been here twenty minutes, I usually manage about an hour before having anything spilt on me.” She laughed, her light brown eyes twinkled.

“Sorry. I’m Peter.” I offered a beer drenched hand.

“You don’t have to apologise for being Peter.” She took my hand and shook it. “I’m Tina”.

Tina it transpired was in pretty much the same position as me, except the couple who did know the host and had invited her hadn’t even bothered to turn up.

Small talk ensued, encouraged by the bond that only two misanthropes can share. Jokes were exchanged, brief biographies, appraising glances. Here hair was dark brown, shoulder length with a slight natural wave to it. Nice neck, with collar bones to match. Her cleavage was enticing too, a B or a C at most but nicely presented.

I didn’t notice she’d stopped talking, I was on my third beer and my mind was relaxing. “Are you looking at my tits.” She asked, amused.

“Yes.” Was the all I could think to say.

“Thank goodness you’re not gay.”

“That’s an odd thing to say.” I was puzzled.

Then I felt her hand grab my crotch. “Because you’ve been looking over there at the rugby player type and I couldn’t work out if it was so you could get a crafty look at my boobs or you fancied a prop forward.” She adjusted her grip, obviously enjoying the feeling of my erection through denim. “Are my boobs that good?”

“You have to ask?” I took half a step closer to her and pressed my groin against her. “I’m guessing that there’s a room free upstairs this early in the evening.”

“I’m hoping you’re right.” Replied Tina as I led her up the unfamiliar stairs.

The first room we visited was occupied, the creaking of the bed announcing it’s tenant’s carnal activities before we stepped through the doorway. The second room was free. A feeble bare 40 watt bulb filled the room with a yellow glow.

Tina sat on the bed before I closed the door. When I turned to face her she was patting the space next to her. Rather than join her I knelt between her legs and kissed her once on the lips. Her hand stroked the back of my neck.

I kissed down her neck, making her shudder and in a few moments was nuzzling between her boobs. She groaned her appreciation. My hand slid up her naked leg, traversing her thigh before reaching her pussy. Her legs parted, my fingers found their way inside, past her underwear and into her moistening slit.

I toyed with her for a moment, but she was impatient and could not quite reach the bulge in my groin that fascinated her. She lay back and I rolled over her onto the bed. Tina pushed me back onto the bed and unfastened my jeans. Her fingers insinuated themselves inside my boxers and stroked my cock. I reached down again and slid my hand inside her panties.

Her clitoris was easy to find as it was sensitive making her quiver with the slightest contact from my middle digit. We stared at each other, not with some new found love, but with fascination as each of us gently masturbated the other. Two people who had only met a few minutes before frigging and wanking in a third stranger’s bed.

“Are we bad people?” she asked with mock horror.

“Very, very bad, they’re the best kind”

I could smell her hot moist pussy, its aroma as much as her gentle wanking of my cock coaxing me towards the final destination. Her panties were soaked. Dipping my fingers further into her snatch I began to slosh around in her fluids. I curled my middle and ring finger inside her and found her g-spot.

She was fixed to the bed, her moans became gasps with a few firm strokes of my fingers. Moments later she came, covering my hand with a stream of fluid. I teetered on the brink of orgasm, the excitement of watching her writhe and moan driving me to climax.

Tina roused slightly from her post orgasmic haze and driven by a lustful enthusiasm pumped my cock with her fist. She slid down my chest and rested her head on my stomach. I thought she was about to take me in her mouth but she simply wanted to watch.

When I came in four or five powerful spasms I splashed my stomach and her face with my semen. She lifted her head and looked toward me, a white viscous streak on her cheek. She smiled for a moment then turned her attention to licking the cum from my stomach and cock.

Which is when the “Coat bedroom couple” stumbled in.

Hot In Portugal

AlexSuze.comI was thinking the other day about holidays and in particularly family ones. The last family holiday that we both had was to celebrate Alex’s mother’s birthday a few years ago. Alex’s father decided that it would be rather nice if we could all go on a family break in the sun to celebrate. This sounded like a good idea to both of us with money being a little tight at the time.

The holiday was booked for the four of us to stay in a villa in Portugal for a week in March. We were really looking forward to having a break after a really hard beginning to the year wor-kwise for us both. However a problem quickly became apparent on the sex front. As our regular readers are well aware, Alex and myself have sex on a regular basis and are used to being able to do it when and where we please, within reason.

This holiday was obviously going to be a little sexually stifling. We were going to have to calm things down somewhat. For me it was probably going to be more difficult than Alex because I am very vocal during sex. I love to give instruction during fucking and sounds of pleasure leave my lips at regular intervals. This stimulates Alex and also gives him the cue for me orgasming, I’m so enthusiastic it’s sometimes difficult for him to tell.

It is completely alien to me when I have to stifle my cries of passion and not be able to moan that I am cuming to Alex when he is thrusting his hips in to me. Therefore, we were going to have to be creative and come up with reasons for staying at the villa whilst his parents perused other activities.

When we arrived the weather was just beginning to warm up and it was a very pleasant temperature. The villa itself was a two bedroomed one with a communal pool. The fridge had been stocked with staple rations and we sat down to have a cup of tea upon arrival. Alex’s mum suggested that she and her husband found the local store after our drinks, whilst Alex and myself unpacked.

This sounded great to us. A chance to try out Portuguese hospitality! In other words a quick fuck upstairs on our double bed. We couldn’t get rid of them quickly enough, we rushed upstairs like a couple of teenagers. Unbuttoning and unfastening as we went.

I leapt on to the bed wearing just a red thong, Alex not wanting to waste a minute followed. I grabbed a hold of the metal bedhead with both hands and pointed my wet pussy in Alex’s direction. He did not need to be invited and he pushed his erection straight to the back of me and began to fuck me deeply. That is when it happened, every time Alex thrust the bed squeaked and moved across the floor. This coupled with the resonance of the sounds coming from the feet scraping against the tiled floor and my moans of pleasure.

Alex pushed my head in to the pillow that helped to stifle my moans but the bed just kept on squeaking and making a bid for freedom. Determined not to be deterred by this, Alex kept on fucking and we both came simultaneously. I think the added distraction of the furniture noises made the act seem even naughtier.

I plugged my pussy with toilet tissue and we both waddled off to the bathroom to get cleaned up. Just in time as at that moment his parents returned, announcing vocally that they were back (obviously suspecting that we may be up to something!).

From then on, we had to improvise. I would suck Alex off under the covers, this was a very clean way of relieving him as all of the ejaculate was discreetly swallowed (No evidence for the parents to find). He would alternate between finger fucking me and bringing me off with my clit. We just about kept sane for the week. In an attempt to get a proper fuck, I placed the quilt cover on the tiled floor. This did not work very well as every time Alex rammed in to me, I moved further away as the quilt slipped on the polished floor. It also played havoc with the knees.

We did try to do it standing in the corner of the swimming pool. It was completely empty so we both made our way over to have a swim (Oh, yeah! I hear you say). Well that was the pretence. The pool was well situated in the middle of the complex but surrounded by vegetation in its own garden. Alex pushed his back against the pool wall and placed both arms up on the sides. I pulled my thong to one side at the back and reached back in to Alex’s trunks. He was ready for me and I felt the same. I pulled his cock free down the leg of his trunks and pushed it inside me.

Any innocent bystanders would just think that I was splashing about in the corner of the pool, as I bobbed up and down. Little did they know that I was bobbing up and down on a hard cock. I was just getting in to the swing of things when I heard footsteps on the periphery of the garden. The gate to the pool opened and in stepped a girl of about 12 years of age. Very quickly I moved off Alex’s cock and we both fiddled under the water to make ourselves decent. That was the closest we got during our holiday to a proper fuck.

On the up side it was a very pleasant holiday, not too hot. The locals were friendly and the food superb. Alex spent a lot of time eating fish, something he doesn’t get chance to do at home as I am not a huge fan of seafood. He assures me that Portuguese seafood is probably the best he’s ever tasted. He still has masses of sardine pate left which we lugged back through customs. I stuck to the steak and almond flavoured deserts, delicious. And the Almond liqueur. We both had the sense to steer clear of the Piri Piri, a little too hot for us.

When we got back we were in bed for the whole weekend making up for lost time. Doesn’t sex seem more intense when you have been denied it for a while?

Pussy Power!

AlexSuze.comI spent years with boyfriends who didn’t know how to go down on me properly before meeting Alex. Yes, they would run fingers between my labia and give me the occasional finger fuck. Although that was good, I didn’t discover until later in my sexual explorations just how good it was to have a g-spot orgasm.

Their head would disappear down between my legs and a tongue would work between my lips, down towards my ass. But no stimulation of my clitoris and certainly no rimming. How naïve they were and so was I for that matter. I didn’t know any better.

I don’t think I can recall climaxing without penile penetration back then. I had watched porn and read magazines but still had no idea about clitoral stimulation and g-spot stimulation. Never heard of squirting either and rimming just wasn’t done.

Alex and I have been on a true voyage of discovery and for that matter still are. He was the only guy to help me have my first squirting session. I was stood in the bathroom at the sink washing my face, wearing just a thong and bra.

He came up behind me and began to kiss me hard as he reached inside my panties and down between my legs. I slid my feet apart on the tiled bathroom floor to aid his access. His fingers pushed deep inside me, making me draw in a sharp breath of air.

I was now leaning against the bathroom wall. He curved his fingers inside me until they were making firm contact with my vaginal wall. I could then feel him manipulating me, rubbing my g-spot with dexterous fingers. My legs began to buckle and tremble as he worked his magic up inside me. I slumped against the wall trying to remain upright, as an intensive high hit me.

Without warning I came, my body seemed to go in to spasm as warm fluid began to trickle from between my pussy lips and descending down my legs to the floor. Alex continued to finger me and the floor beneath me became showered with droplets of my own fluids.

My head was now spinning and my pussy pulsing as I lay back against the tiled wall breathing heavily. Spent. He whispered in my ear “Did you enjoy that?”. “Yes”, was all I could offer, I had been rendered speechless stood in a puddle of my own making.

When he tried to withdraw his fingers from inside me he couldn’t, they were trapped just like they were in a human vice. My muscles had spasmed and were now holding him firmly inside me. He looked down at me and smiled “I can’t get my fingers out”. I laughed. After several minutes my muscles released their grip on him and he was able to remove his hand.

I took hold of it and kissed it, taking in the smell of my own pussy. Then I sucked his wet fingers one by one, his wrist was wet as was the cuff of his sweatshirt. I have to admit I love the smell of me on Alex. When he has been down on me I like to kiss him and taste myself on his tongue.

Hours after he has been between my legs I can still smell myself around his mouth, on his lips, his chin. A wonderful aroma.

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Female Ejaculation

Girl In WindowI’ve been meaning to do this post for a long time. It describes a much misunderstood, and to some totally unknown, phenomenon. Female ejaculation.

I’m not talking about cumming here, or gushing with vaginal fluid. A dripping pussy is something that most women have experienced for themselves and men have in their partners. No this is different, not the warm silky feeling of a woman’s sex ready to be filled, but a torrent of a different kind.

Some women, and some men for that matter, find FE distasteful. Perhaps because it is only just becoming widely known, too often in the past being mistaken for peeing.

Now I am no sexual expert, no authority on this, so I can just impart my experience and understanding of the subject.

A few basics … (from my experience)

  • FE is not peeing.
  • I believe every woman can ejaculate, though some people would disagree. Indeed I do know some people believe that the extreme wetness that I attribute to female ejaculation is not ejaculation at all.
  • FE fluid is not the same as normal vaginal secretions.

That in mind, if you want to try to get your female partner to ejaculate here’s a checklist.

Towels, lots of towels and then some more towels. The fluid produced is watery and needs to be mopped up. It also splashes around a lot while you are stimulating your partner.

Get warm and relaxed.

Don’t try too hard. I think it’s linked with the orientation of the woman’s anatomy. If she’s tense things move out of reach and it just will not happen.

Choose your strongest hand. Until you get your technique right this may take some time so you’ll need stamina in those fingers.

Ensure your fingers are well lubed. I’ll leave the choice of lube to you 😉

Insert two fingers into your partner’s pussy, palm flat to her mound, resting on her clit. This has no effect in the ejaculation, I’m just making sure you get the orientation right.

Which to fingers? I hear you ask. I find the middle and ring fingers are best giving the greatest penetration and just enough to reach your prize.

Slide the fingers in and bend them slightly back towards your palm until they just start to hook round the pubic bone.

You feel a raised structure, with two long indentations, one each side of it. This is the paraurethral gland it is what produces the ejaculate, which apparently is similar to male ejaculate from the prostate.

Here is where you massage.

Sometimes the pleasurable effect on the woman can be instant. Sometimes it takes a while to build up.

The first time you do this you may fail, and the second and third …

But persevere. It’s worth it for you both. Change your orientation to your partner and hers too, my experience tells me that anatomy plays a big part in this. You should try laying down, standing, doggy, sitting, but do experiment.

You’ll both know when you’ve found the spot. She will experience a feeling like she wants to pee urgently. This is where the relaxation will help. If she’s nervous about wetting herself, she should pee before you start. She isn’t going to pee it just feels like it.

Now keep stimulating. Depending on the woman, her mood and which point in her cycle she’s at you’ll have to adjust the firmness and speed of the stimulation. This isn’t as hard as it sounds. If you watch your woman you’ll see what works and hear it in her moans.

When she does start to ejaculate you’ll feel your hand flooded in hot nectar. Sometimes it’ll be almost colourless other times, cloudy. It can have a musky smell, but often has no smell at all.

Once you’ve achieved it you may or may not want to do it again. I’m sure some couples will not enjoy it. But we do, a lot.

When should you try again? We tend to do it once in any one day. You may want to try more often, but for us that’s it. However, once does not mean cumming once, it’s once in any one session.

When you’re adept at the technique you can make your lady squirt until she can squirt no more. You can bring her to a climax and down again by adjusting the stimulation. With care you can watch her surf the wave of pleasure for ten or twenty seconds before bringing her to climax and letting her excitement ebb again.

We find that if you can do this two things happen. Firstly the sensation becomes increasingly intense and eventually overwhelming with each climax. And secondly you eventually cannot stimulate her anymore as her pussy contracts onto your fingers so hard you can’t move. Indeed it can be difficult to remove them.

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Tongue Joy Turbo

Tongue Joy Turbo, AlexSuze.comThe Tongue Joy Turbo is a toy that combines lingual stimulation of your partner with vibration. It can be worn on the tongue using the supplied tongue bar if you have a tongue piercing, or by using one of the three silicone bands supplied with it you can apply it to your partner’s sensitive areas with it attached to your tongue, finger or even toe.

The device itself is stainless steel and is supplied with four soft plastic sheaths that provide different textures when slipped over the steel bullet.

The power for the vibration comes from either a tiny battery pack that connects directly to the toy’s bullet, or via a thin lead and battery box that can be used to connect the bullet to power pack containing two AA batteries.

Both have their pros and cons. The self-contained battery pack that sits on your tongue just behind the bullet gives you total freedom of movement, but is limited by the battery life and strength of the vibrations it can produce. The battery pack does encumber you slightly while using the toy, but will last for ages and gives more powerful vibrations. Another difference between the tiny power pack and the external, wired, batteries is that the external batteries are able to incorporate a control for variable speed operation. Something that would be impossible to provide in the self-contained unit.

Opening the toy revealed a distinct odour from the silicone sheaths and bands. So for that reason and standard the hygiene protocol that we use before and after using any sex toy I washed every part of it in anti-bacterial soap, thoroughly rinsed each part and patted it dry on some kitchen towel. This did diminish the odour, but not eliminate it completely. Suze therefore suggested we stand the silicone components in mouthwash to ensure that the smell was not a distraction during love making. A 50-50 mix was effective at making the parts minty fresh and adding that extra zing to the test 😉

Not having a tongue piercing I select the appropriate band for my tongue and assembled the toy using the smaller, wire-free, powerpack. I screwed the bullet in to turn it on and went to work, teasing Suze’s nipples. She enjoyed this but wanted a little more so I quickly moved across her belly to her waiting pussy. My first touch had Suze squirming as I applied the oscillating Tongue Joy Turbo to her clit. The effect was instantaneous. Suze always likes me to lick her, but this was different, more immediate in her moans, more intense in the stimulation.

A few tips here:

· Take great care of your dental work if using the toy as it’s so easy to catch on your teeth and therefore potentially chip them.

· Because of the above you tend to use the toy with your mouth wide open and cover your partner in drool because of it.

· If your tongue gets tired, simply slip the toy onto your finger and apply the delightful vibrations like that.

Tongue Joy Turbo, AlexSuze.comBecause the vibration was not as intense as we’d first imagined I switched across to the version of the toy with external battery pack. A few minutes later I had my head buried in Suze’s pussy, stroking her clit with my vibrating tongue. I switched over to the external battery pack and continued massaging her clit.

The end result was startling, the first clitoral orgasm I have given her for ages. Towards the end of my aural contact with her pussy I had salivated so much as to make her inner thighs soaking wet.

Suze took twenty minutes or so to come down from the clitoral orgasm before she was ready to test the toy on me. Being similarly un-pierced she was obliged to use the tongue band to secure the Tongue Joy.

I was laying on my back, turgid and rapidly hardening cock on my thigh. The familiar sensation of Suze sucking my cock into her mouth was accompanied by the intense buzzing sensation of the Tongue Joy’s bullet on my frenulum. It’s an amazing experience, the combination of the organic and mechanical stimulation is something that no other toy has ever delivered.

However as Suze pointed out she experienced the same problem that I encountered. Without a tongue piercing the Tongue Joy Turbo tends to slip off from time to time. Suze’s BJ technique is excellent anyway, but the Tongue joy added an extra dimension. We were both turned on to such an extent by Suze’s clitoral orgasm and the BJ she was giving me that we discarded the Tongue Joy at this point and ended up having the most wonderful wild sex.

So, the Tongue Joy Turbo delivers in many ways. It’s combination of compactness, especially when operated with the tiny on-tongue power pack, plus the option of the more intense, controllable and of course longer lasting external battery pack is genius. I gave Suze her first lingual-clitoral orgasm and she added a new dimension to her blow jobs. It’s great when used with the tongue bands, but with a tongue piercing and the bar attachment … I can only imagine. And like Suze I’m half considering whether or not to have my first piercing …

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Behind the Bike Sheds

Suze, AlexSuze.comThis is an English expression used in relation to “relations” in schools. It refers to hiding away and taking part in an activity which would surely get you in to trouble, or possibly expelled. Such as smoking or drinking alcohol.

You may all be wondering if at this point I have taken leave of my senses. No, I was reminded of this expression the other day when Alex got talking about his days at school. Personally, believe it or not I was a good girl at school. However, it did set me thinking how good it would have been to share a class or year with Alex back then.

Some of our readers may have been fortunate enough to meet at school and then go on and marry. Alex and I were not so fortunate, in fact we didn’t even live in the same city. So no way were we going to hook up at school. Even so it would be nice to imagine how things would have been…

It was a hot summers day. A rare thing here in England. I was wearing my navy just above the knee skirt, white cotton shirt, regulation school tie, ankle socks and flat black shoes. School uniform sucked but we had to wear it.

My desk was over by the window next to the smelliest girl in class, Dawn. Boy did she smell on hot days like today. My only relief from this odious, odorous torture was an occasional chance to glance at the new guy in class. His name was Alex and he had moved from across town about 2 weeks ago. He was everything I desired in a man, the typical tall dark and handsome type. I had also notice he wore large shoes (yes I do think there is an element of truth in that saying).

Alex seemed to have noticed me too, giving me quick glances with a smile that could break knicker elastic. At least I hoped so. During the course of the lesson I managed to scribble a quick note for him, it read “Alex wait behind after class, we can do lunch together”. When the teacher turned her back to write on the board I passed this over to him. Paul who sat at the side of Alex smiled, in a kind of knowing way. He knew we fancied the pants off each other but we tried not to make it general knowledge, as I was seeing a guy in another class.

The lesson passed and we both fumbled around in our desks and bags, allowing the rest of the class to escape for lunch. Alex pushed his chair under the desk and made his way over to me. “I didn’t think you were that interested, as you are going out with Simon”, Alex remarked. “He’s an arse, I’m finishing with him tonight” I replied, hoping that Simon would not deter Alex from pursuing anything with me.

Alex took hold of my hand and asked, “Where shall we go so we can be alone together”? I knew just the place. Hand in hand I led Alex to the far corner of the playground, towards the bike sheds. The bike sheds conveniently faced away from the school and were surrounded on two sides by a large laurel hedge. Entry was via the side against the hedge.

I pulled Alex inside and guided him to the far end, pressing him up against the last bike rail. “You don’t waste any time, do you?” he said in a slightly breathless voice. “We don’t have time to waste” I replied. He was looking down my shirt, watching my young breasts heave inside my white lace bra. “Do you like them”?, I cheekily asked. “You have great boobs, most of the guys in the class think so” he smiled back at me. I slipped undone the top 2 buttons of my blouse and reached for Alex’s hand. He was warm and perspiring slightly. I pushed it inside my blouse and into the cup of my bra, he trembled a little as I did this (was I his first?).

With a soft moan he gave me a gentle squeeze and then began to massage me with a circular motion. My nipples were beginning to stiffen with the attention and my breathing was now shallow and fast. I pushed myself towards Alex and forced my tongue deep in to his mouth. We kissed passionately, hard and impatient. I broke away from him and began to unzip him.

The grey flannel of his trousers outlined his growing erection perfectly. Just to the side of the zipper was a very small damp patch, Alex was obviously aroused. I reached inside his flies and found my prize inside his black boxers. He was just begining to firm up and I wanted to hurry things along a little. I reached up under my skirt, hooked a finger under each side of my panties and stepped out of them. Having nowhere else to put them and no time to consider it, I placed them in my skirt side pocket.

I pulled Alex’s hand free from my left breast and squatted down in front of him. Releasing him from the confines of his pants, I licked the small blob of pre cum from his tip. He shuddered and placed a hand on the back of my head. His cock was now twitching with excitement. I pulled back his foreskin and ran my tongue around his plumb. Tickling the frenulum with hard flicks of my tongue. He began to sag at the knees and reset on top of the rail. I zig zagged my tongue down the length of his hardening shaft.

Alex was now breathing rapidly and audibly excited, with his head tilted towards the ceiling. I took the tip of his cock in my mouth and firmly closed my lips around him. I sucked down hand on him rubbing my tongue around the underside of his erection. I tasted his sweet pre cum as he oozed in to my hungry mouth.

Bobbing up and down, sucking and licking him soon had him on the brink of orgasm. “Suze, stop I’ll cum in your mouth if you keep doing that to me”, he confessed. I liked the idea of him shooting his load down my throat but needed him inside me more. “Alex, will you fuck me?”, more of a demand than a request. With that, he stood up and moved round, manoeuvring me against the bar.

I raised myself on to the top and secured myself, wrapping a leg around each support. The rail was cold but worth the slight discomfort. Alex was now stroking himself in long deliberate moves. I love to watch a guy doing that. Anyway, where was I? Yes, I was now very wet and ready for him to penetrate me. Raising my skirt Alex moved in between my spread legs. My pussy felt a little cold as the summer breeze blew across my wet mound.

He guided his thick hard cock in to me with his hand. Precarious as my position was it facilitated just enough pelvic tilt for Alex to grind in to me. And that he did, his pubescent cock wanting to feast on my pussy. I placed my arms around his shoulders for added stability as I rose up to meet his thrusts.

Alex’s eyes rolled back in there sockets as he slowly pulled himself to the point of fall out and then pushed purposefully back inside me. I could feel the head of his cock jump on the out stroke, my vaginal muscles began to pulse as I started to cum. The obvious wetness of my orgasm brought Alex to the brink of orgasm and the intensity of his thrusts grew.

He was now banging in to me so hard that I nearly lost my balance and had to grab him hard in an attempt to remain perched. Oh my God I was cuming again and just as I started to, the tell tale signs of male orgasm began. Alex’s face contorted and his grip on my buttocks intensified. “Oh, fuuuccccck, I’m cuming”, he gasped in a slightly pained voice. “Yes, Alex fuck me harder, cum inside me”, I demanded.

His cock twitched and pulsed and he exploded inside me. Exhausted and satiated he leaned over me to regain his strength. Voices became audible in the distance and they seemed to be heading our way.

“Shit, Alex quick let me get down”. I jumped off the bar and Alex put himself away and zipped up. Two girls voices were now very close. We stood absolutely still and quiet, both of us hoping not to be found. The voices passed, we both breathed a sigh of relief. What an abrupt finish to such a wonderful sexual encounter.

Alex took hold of my hand poked his head out of the doorway to check if the coast was clear. He led me back across the playground and in to the school building. He pushed me against the wall and kissed me before someone came. “Thank you”, he said and then walked off towards the toilets.

Was this his first time. I wondered. I reached in to my pocket for my panties intending to go and put them back on in the ladies toilet. Shit. Where were they?

Lickety Clit – Tongue Joy Turbo

This is a very innovative in design and concept. I couldn’t wait to give it a trial on Alex’s cock and my clit was begging for it. 😉

The Tongue Joy has a cordless basic unit which houses two 393 watch batteries facilitating wireless pleasure and one speed. Also included is the Turbo battery pack that requires 2 x AA batteries inserting in to the unit via the slide off backing plate. This unit has 3 speed settings operated by a sliding switch on the front of the unit.

The vibrating attachment screws in to both options and acts as the on/off control for the tongue joy. Included in the cute little satin embroidered bag which is supplied to keep all your equipment together are 4 textured silicone sleeves to wear over the vibrator and 3 sizes of silicone band to secure the vibrator to your tongue.

And not forgetting the guys and girls out there who have a tongue piercing, there is a little barbell attachment too. What a wonderful idea! When I saw it I wished I had a pierced tongue to be able to use that too. 😉

We opened the little satin pouch and removed all the parts and Alex volunteered to wash them before use. But despite his thorough cleaning, there was a very strong smell from the rubber sleeves and bands. A top tip to both sterilise and make them smell better is to soak them in your mouth wash before use and this gives them a lovely minty smell and taste when in use. See I’m good for tips too. 🙂

We both decided that the best place to try this out was in the bedroom where it was warm and we could take our time using the vibrator on different parts of the body. Can you believe we had a mini fight over who used it first! Lol

Alex won and got to go first! Lol He tried the bands for size and the middle sized band was the best fit. He attached the vibrating unit and the control and I removed my bra and panties and lay back to think of England (Well the England Rugby Team, Lol).

To enhance the stimulation I closed my eyes and eagerly awaited his touch. He turned on the unit and I could hear him approaching me. Then I felt the warmth of his tongue as it made contact with my nipple. It immediately started to flush with blood and harden. The joint sensation of his warm hot tongue and breath and the vibratory stimuli was heavenly. Something you just don’t get with a vibe alone.

Vibrators tend to be hard and cold. This was warm, comforting and very stimulating as he worked up through all three speed settings. I wriggled slightly, rubbing my pussy lips together. Alex noticed and began to flick his tongue around my areola and then back to my pert nipple. I was really getting in to this now and then it came to my notice that my breast was becoming cold.

I was covered in Alex’s drool. Unintentionally he had dribbled saliva all over my breast. Then he lost the band as it vibrated off his tongue and on to me. This was the Achilles heel, the combination of the vibration and the saliva induced by it eases the band free and you have to keep adjusting it, pushing it back on to your tongue.

You also have to be careful not to let your teeth make contact with the vibe, the sleeve does help providing a dampener.

Persistence paid off…Alex moved down to my pussy and pushed aside my labia. Wow! I can’t adequately describe how it felt to have a warm wet vibrator playing with my clit but it was quite mind blowing. I could feel his tongue snake around my clit as those vibes rippled through my swollen little nub. Normally I would cross my ankles and push my foot down on the top of the other to increase the sensation but I couldn’t do this with Alex’s head between my labia. 😉

Within a few moments I was bucking under him and almost grasped his head in a vice like grip with my thighs the stimulation was so intense. 😉 I pulled my labia apart easing his access to my clit and Alex responded. I gasped and jumped as he made direct contact with my sensitised button.

Almost immediately I felt it, I knew I was close and moaned my delight as I came all over Alex’s tongue. This was the first time he had licked me to orgasm. In the past I had been very close to loosing it and coming but never managed to achieve it. Now with the aid of this little beauty of a sex toy I had achieve yet another first. 😉

After my climax had subsided I realised I was laying on a damp patch. The combination of Alex’s saliva and my own cum had wet the bedsheet underneath me.

This toy is a little difficult to use in terms of keeping it secured to your tongue, perhaps with further training the amount of saliva produced could be controlled I don’t know. What I do know is that it is the perfect, must have sex toy for those with pierced tongues. If I wasn’t such a coward I would be making an appointment right now.

Do you want to know more? Well Alex’s half of this review will be along later 😀