Fanny Cakes

By | April 8, 2008

You just read that title and thought I had gone off my nut didn’t you? Well the reason for it will become apparent in this post.

We were all having a little bit of chat this afternoon to help the time pass a little quicker. Busty has one of her old boyfriends sniffing around again and I warned her to give him some distance, he treat her like shit when they went out before and she doesn’t deserve it. She deserves me…but that is a whole different story. 😉

Horny had been out clubbing over the weekend and given a guy her number. She does that when she has had a few drinks and then the next day when they call her she doesn’t have a clue who they are. Lol

She had met this guy who she liked and given this guy her number and the next morning when she got up feeling slightly hung over she had a call on her mobile. Instead of it being the guy from the night before it was a woman’s voice on the other end.

The woman asked her what her boyfriend was doing with her phone number in his jacket pocket. As Horny pointed out, what was she doing going through her bf’s pockets in the first place. Had he got a bit of a reputation for chatting up the girls when out with his mates?

She thoughtfully answered that she didn’t know he was attached and that they only danced and chatted for a while. The girl was livid and said that her bf didn’t know anything about her giving him his phone number.

We guessed that he had claimed that he knew nothing about the phone number and that Horny had just placed it in his pocket. A callous thing to do to get someone in to trouble but you have to be sure they have a girlfriend who checks their pockets. A little too elaborate a plot if you ask me.

The girl hung up. So we don’t know what happened then. Some people have the most exciting weekends. Lol

I asked Busty what she got up to, she explained that she had wanted to do some baking and had attempted to make some flapjack. Normally this is quite straight forward but by her own admission she is crap at cookery.

The flapjack didn’t set and remained loose and sticky so rather than waste it she decided to be creative. Never a good idea. Lol She decided to combine the flapjack goo with a muffin mix she had in the cupboard.

At that point most women would have said to themselves “No, this is a bad idea”. Not Busty. She combined the two mixtures and placed them in the oven. Now this is where I was thankful that I hadn’t been invited over. She had invited Horny over for dinner, the idea being that this would be dessert.

According to Horny she took one bite of the small cake and it took her half an hour to chew it. No, she said it was very chewy and didn’t quite do it for her. We broke out in fits of laughter at the this point just looking at the face Horny was pulling as she re-enacted the moment.

I suggested that these hybrid sweet fancy should be called “MuffFlaps”.

Well, we burst out in to uncontrollable laughter and couldn’t even compose ourselves enough to answer the incoming call. 🙂