Sex In The Office

By | April 12, 2008

Most of us spend a good eight hours of our day at work. So it is almost inevitable that you are going to one day stumble across someone you would like to…well, shag.

After all that is exactly how I met Alex. He was already working for the company for a good year before I started. We both had jobs with the company which took us out on to the road for most of the working week.

This worked in our favour because we could quite often meet up if we both arranged our schedules to be in the same area at the same time. It was an exciting time. Oh, I forgot to mention that I was also living with my boyfriend at the time.

It was imperative that we kept our relationship quiet and not let any of our work colleagues find out that we were an item. I was frightened that my boyfriend may find out and not react so well. And the alternative was even worse. He was a very controlling boyfriend with a bit of a fiery temper and I was too frightened to tell him.

But despite the dangers I just couldn’t stop myself I had fallen to a point beyond which there was no return. Alex was the opposite of every guy I had met up till that point. He respected me and treated me like a lady, with consideration and affection. More importantly he didn’t want to control me.

We would have clandestine meetings as much as possible during the working week because it was very difficult for me to get away from my possessive boyfriend in the evenings.

In spite of all the hidden dangers our relationship thrived.

Nobody at work seemed to have realised that we were together, even to the point where we could both work over and nobody would suspect a thing. At least they didn’t say anything if they did. 😉

It has always been a bit of a fetish for me to do the shagging on the boss’ desk thing. And one evening when the building was empty except for the two of us on different floors we got to do just that.

We got together and made our way to the boss’ office. It was a glass fronted room so no secrets if anyone should call back for anything. I recall the desk being covered in paperwork and various sundries and the urgency we both had to get in to each other’s pants.

I removed my panties and Alex undid his flies, lowering his trousers and boxers to allow him unhindered access. It seemed more practical to fuck on the floor given that there was no way we were both waiting until the desk was cleared.

Neither of us dared to remove much clothing just in case someone should come back to the office. Alex fucked me then and there on the carpet to the side of the desk. I wrapped my legs around his hips as he ground in to me.

It was a wonderfully erotic, sensual and frantic fuck and I didn’t realise until it was over and we both lay spent on the floor. On the shag pile! That I felt the burning on my lower back. Alex took a look at it and discovered my lower back was covered in a large carpet burn. I don’t know how I managed to conceal it from my boyfriend but I did and some weeks later I also confessed to him about Alex.

He went crazy and I left in a hurry to return to my parent’s home. And the rest is as they say history.

This post was inspired by events at work today. We had a visit from a couple of reps from a company we trade with. I’ll add at this point they are male and female and married but not to each other. I think she could be a few years younger than him.
As they arrived my colleagues were prompted to reveal that they were an item. You would never have guessed they just didn’t look right together. But I suppose opposites attract.

I asked how they knew and Busty told me that one day when they had arrived for an appointment with the boss they had briefly kissed briefly in the entrance to the building.

Little did they know that the premises have CCTV and one of the cameras is trained on the entrance door! 😉

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