I’m A Horny Girl

By | April 14, 2008

Most of the girls at work went out for a meal mid week. I was invited but didn’t have enough spare cash to go out with them. 🙁 It’s a catch 22 situation I want to go out with them but I don’t have enough money to do it which means that I need to find another job which pays better…but then I won’t be working there and therefore part of the crowd.

If I do decide to go I will miss my work colleagues very much, they are a good bunch. It’d just a shame that my boss is a tight arse when it comes to financially rewarding people. The job has been good in getting me back out there after so long being a house nymph but now it’s time to find something offering a better salary.

I want to be able to go to lap dancing clubs and see what they are like. Even the girls at work have done that and I’m still waiting for the chance. In fact the other day Busty told me she went out with our department manager and Horny and they ended up at a lapdancing club.

After spending the night enjoying the company of the girls. Apparently they had a really good chat with them and a couple of private dances. When the evening finished they poured out on to the street and the manager decided he needed to pee. He disappeared up and alleyway whilst Busty kept watch.

She then asked him to keep watch whilst she squatted down and took a pee too! See what I’m missing out on. 😉

The other night was just an Italian meal and a few drinks so no naughty lapdancers and a pee afterwards. They did have a good chat though and I was informed that I came up in the conversation. Busty remarked that Suze and Alex have a great sex life, they swing from the chandelier.

I can’t begin to think where they got that idea from but it’s not far from the truth. 😉