Masturbation At The Gym, The Perfect Workout ;)

By | December 21, 2010

Hot At GymIf you read regularly you will know that I visit the gym when possible (haven’t been for over 2 weeks due to snow and a bad cold) every other day.

I go early morning which means that I’m grouped with the sliver workouters.  The eye candy seems to have disappeared I’m hoping not permanently, it’s weeks since I’ve seen the gorgeous, curvaceous brunette which caught my eye.

The highlight of my day is occasionally getting the chance to ogle the Rav Wilding lookalike personal trainer there.  He’s gorgeous.  *sigh*

I’m a creature of habit, normally rowing, cycling and doing some weights.  It’s a good routine but can become a little dull especially when they have the music turned down so low you can’t hear it, as they did today.  I assume someone had a bad hangover.  Lol

But just 5 minutes in to my rowing things started to look up.  The power plate behind me started up and the strong vibratory waves made their way along the mezzanine floor and up through the rowing machine.

My ass was well planted in the seat and pussy pushing against the firm plastic seat which conducted perfectly.  The guy to the side of me doing his bench presses must have noticed that a smile had now appeared on my face.  😉

As my labia started to resonate I could feel them flush with blood as I became aroused.  All of sudden rowing had become enjoyable and not so much of a chore.  All thanks to the Power Plate.

The only problem was it stopped before I reached my final destination.

Now how can I persuade someone to use it for a little longer on my next visit…