Topless Calendars

By | April 30, 2008

There’s a culture in the UK, despite the much vaunted “British Reserve” of hanging calendars with pictures of semi-naked girls on the walls of workplaces. It’s becoming less so these days as managers become more aware of, and sensitive to, the feelings of female employees. Of course it has a lot to do with the increasingly high number of females in the working population.

However glamour calendars, topless calendars or whatever you want to call them still exist. There are the classy ones, like the celebrated Pirelli calendars. Then there are those which are less about the art and more about catching the eye of the guy who orders the spares for the machinery. After all that’s what the calendars are for, to make sure that a name sticks in your head the next time the compressor breaks down, or you need some oil for the forklift.

In being used as the most un-subtle form of advertising imaginable calendar images have become part of the British working man’s psyche. To ensure that they are a) displayed in as many areas of a business as possible and b) attract as much attention as possible some firms have tried publishing several versions each year.

It was quite common when I was managing such a workshop to have the representative from suppliers drop off two calendars, one for the front office and one for the workshop. The front office one being girls in bikinis – wearing both top and bottom – the workshop version being topless.

In one notorious case a supplier had two rather more explicit versions, one topless, the other full legs-akimbo muff shots for the men-only areas.

Saucy calendars are a curiously male thing, you rarely se a female dominated office with a calendar covered in pictures of men. And I’ve never seen a calendar aimed at the admirers of the male form with images that show genitalia.

Probably says a lot about the differences between the sexes.

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