From Missionary To Snowballing

By | January 2, 2011

Waiting For CumWhen it comes to fucking I tend to favour doggy style which lends itself to deeper penetration than most.  As a result of my views on this I tend to move through the other positions quite quickly to savour the deeper connective stimulation offered to my g-spot.

But tonight I took my time to explore other opportunities open to me when I’m not kneeling with my forearms on the mattress and I’m glad I did.

As Alex fucked me ball deep I took both nipples between my fingers and firmly alternated between pinching and rolling.  This sent small electrical impulses through my breast and down my spine, enhancing the good fucking I was already enjoying.

I decided to play carefully with my clit, wetting my right middle finger I slid my hand down between my legs being careful to hug my groin and not impair Alex’s rhythmic fucking.  Aplying pressure to my clit whilst moving it from side to side was sooooo good.

My nipples were so hard that I could feel the blood pumping in to them making them tingle and pulse.  They become so sensitive that the slightest pinch can have me quivering.  I was so engrossed in playing with my nipples that my orgasm hit without warning and I found myself trembling and quivering below Alex.

This excited him more and he fucked me right up to the last moment then pulled out of me just like I asked him so he could come in my mouth.  I felt him disengage and I opened wide waiting for those blobs of warm semen to hit my tongue.  He moved closer to me slowly moving his foreskin back and forth and sprayed my mouth with his gunk.

When the last round of his volley had made its way between my lips I closed my mouth rubbing my tongue against the roof of my mouth and inhaling to taste his musky seed.  All the time Alex was looking down on me panting breathless, chest heaving cock still dribbling on to my breasts as he straddled my body.

He leant in to kiss me as I rose from the mattress, I opened my mouth and inserted my tongue into mouth his drizzling his come on to his tongue.  This ignited his passion and he pulled me close to him as our tongues entwined savouring his come like the finest wine.

We must have been kissing for minutes but it felt like hours, we had shared something special and we both knew it…