Lets Talk Sex Doll!

By | May 21, 2008

I was quite amazed by the topics of conversation coming up at work as I mentioned in yesterday’s post. Most of them are started by me or Busty but today we were both a little taken aback by Horny.

She said in her quest to find Coronation Street…”Yawn!”…Ok, it’s not quite my cup of tea…she found a program about sex dolls. She took me by surprise with this one, I though she was going to tell me some dastardly plot line in Corrie but no.

Busty and I stopped what we were doing to listen. “I can’t see why they want to…you know do it with one of those”, she went on to explain.

At this point Busty added that some people are lonely and need to have sex.

She then started to tell us that she had seen a program with a guy who had a doll then found a girlfriend and he was trying to get her used to his old flame, much to her disgust apparently. Lol

“Because she was as heavy as a real girl he had to move her about on an office chair”, Busty continued much to Horny’s delight, she couldn’t stop herself from laughing.

I added that it would be amusing to see the postman struggle with a crate containing a life sized Real Doll. Now what would you tell the neighbours when that arrived and had to be stored in their garage until you arrived home from work. *giggle*

Busty then added that in the same program another guy had worn out the pussy in his doll, he had bought her some years ago and her joints were loose and so was her fanny. “He sent off for a replacement fanny”, she added giggling. “You can do that you know…buy spare parts for those dolls”.

I acted surprised and had to hold back from letting on that Alex and I had reviewed the Gina Lynne doll recently. There are just some things you cannot share with your work colleagues, don’t you think? 😉

Strangely enough I can’t wait to find out what the topic of discussion will be tomorrow.

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