Double Cum Surprise

By | February 14, 2011

OrgasmBeing so busy lately I never got round to writing about this so I thought I better put that right now. Not that I’m any less busy but bollox to the rest of the work. It can wait.

A few weeks ago something very unusual happened when we were making love. We were shagging quite vigorously for the second time that night. It was a Friday and I was actually able to relax quite quickly, a novelty at the moment because of all the pressure at work. Suze’s legs were waving around my ears as I bent her double and pummelled her pussy through innumerable orgasms before I came.

I felt good, I felt horny and I didn’t want to stop.

However I came and boy did I come, long and hard. It was one of those orgasms that you never want to stop so I grunt loudly for thrust after thrust until I felt I was spent then let myself slip out of Suze’s pussy. Suze was impressed by the vigour of the sex, we both like to just go for it when the moment is right and we are both in the mood. Then I noticed something. I wasn’t going down.

Right I thought, I’m not wasting this, Suze can have a few more orgasms. I told her to roll onto her front and straddling her legs I pushed my cock between her soaking thighs, the lubrication of our mixed juices making it easy. I was as hard and as big as I get so was able to penetrate her reasonably deeply eve in this unusual position and because of the ridiculously steep angle rubbed her G Spot hard with each thrust.

Being post-orgsasm I was rather sensitive but being so well lubricated and incredibly horny mitigated the searing intensity of sensation I felt on my cock. Of course mixed with synaesthesia the pain was an exquisite experience.

Suze came again, groaning into the pillow in a blissful haze. Then I felt something odd happening. I was cumming again, the unmistakeable rising glow, the tingling and tightening gripped me and I came for a second time in under five minutes. The pleasure rocked me to my core and left me in a red and gold swirling sea of sensation. I don’t think I ejaculated much, just a drop but that didn’t matter I was tripping on the experience and Suze had realised what had happened and stroked my naked skin  until I came down. When I became aware of her next to me all I can remember is her smiling, lecherous face.

“Wow, that was horny!” She said.