Squirting Is All Good Clean Bedroom Fun

By | March 5, 2011

Female Ejaculation SquirtI quite often receive email asking for advice and I’m quite happy to help anyone gain a better understanding of sex and sexuality if I can help.

The other day I received an email from a young lady who for the purposes of this post we will refer to as Angela. She was concerned that she had wet the bedsheets whilst making out with her boyfriend on the last couple of occasions they had engaged in missionary sex.

Angela wasn’t so much concerned about the additional laundry this had created but that she may be urinating and therefore have a problem.  She went on to add that she doesn’t have problems with leakage under normal circumstances and was puzzled why she should be doing this whilst having sex.

Just to put Angela and anyone else’s mind at rest who may have encountered this.  There is nothing to worry about if you should produce copious amounts of fluid during intercourse or play other objects.  What’s happening is that you are what’s know as “squirting” and it’s perfectly normal, I do it quite frequently.

The fluid produced may vary in quantity an is usually colourless and odourless unlike urine.  Like  men, when a woman is aroused the urethra is temporarily closed to stop you from urinating during sex.   You may have noticed that taking a pee after sex is difficult and this is the reason why.

The liquid is produced by the Skene’s glad and is perfectly harmless.  Squirting is quite fashionable at the moment so just consider yourself lucky if you can manage to do this.

For more information on the Skene’s glad and female ejaculation follow this link.