Addicted To Sex

By | June 14, 2008

A survey conducted by womens magazine Cosmopolitan on a group of 778 women, has revealed that three quarters of women between the age of 19 and 45 though about shopping nearly as frequently as men think about sex.

Apparently women think about buying things once every 60 seconds. I’m pleased to say that I don’t fall in to this group. However, I do tend to think about sex quite often especially at work to pass the time. 😉

Roughly half the group admitted that they did not wear everything in their wardrobes and forty percent owned up to having a handbag or shoe addiction. That sums up my work colleagues Busty and Horny, they have too many pairs of shoes to fit in a wardrobe.

Dr Jane Prince (who I think gets wheeled out on the TV from time to time to comment on these sort of surverys) said: “So many women displaying this level of preoccupation would indicate widespread addictive behaviour.”

Maybe I have a high level of anti-retail hormone or something because I just don’t get this shopping thing. For me shopping is a necessary evil but certainly not my lifestyle. Addicted to sex I may be and that has to be good news, it costs nothing, is a good workout and makes me very happy.

Oh and Alex is sat here smiling and agreeing with me. 🙂

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