Rubbering Up For A Fuck

By | June 14, 2008

I mentioned the other day that I wasn’t sure if Horny had slept with this guy who was coming down to see her. She had been very vague about it all. So, when she disappeared to make the afternoon drinks of Friday I asked Busty.

She wasn’t sure if she had but said that she though Horny was getting a little concerned about the possibility of it happening on this visit. According to her Horny was fretting slightly at what may happen this weekend and she tried to reassure her that things would be ok without being too specific.

The afternoon passed and Bust decided to make a late visit to the mall again in the hope that she may see the guy from the other day. The girl who served her is a regular and she was intending to have a brief word with her about the guy, see if she had seen him before.

Unfortunately I left before she returned and will have to wait until after the weekend for the outcome on that one.

Busty had been gone about 10 minutes and Horny said that she was getting a little nervous about that night and this guy coming down. “I think he may want to you know…”, she said. I replied that if things happen then they happen and not to over think things, let nature take its natural corse. 😉

“I don’t have any condoms!”, she exclaimed. It then occurred to me that we have loads and don’t even use them. Alex has a drawer with quite a few boxes that we reviewed some of a few months ago.

If only I had known I could have brought some in. But then she may have asked why we use them when I’m on the pill and we have been together for so long. Uhmmm, probably best I didn’t. 🙂

“I’ll ring Busty and ask her to pop in to Boots and pick me some up”, she added. I giggled. “Do they make them thin, because I hate using condoms”, she went on. At that point I just couldn’t help but give my informed advice, it just flowed out of me naturally…”they make ribbed ones for sensation, flavoured ones if you are planning on sucking it or minty ones if you like a bit of a tingle”.

Did I say too much? She came back with “I might of known thay you would know”.

I can’t wait to catch up on all this on Monday…