34FF , Would You Refuse?

By | June 16, 2008

I returned to work this morning full of the joys of Summer…not! Why is the weekend so quickly over, it seems that you are just starting to relax as it’s time to go back to work again.

However, I knew there may be some interesting tales to tell. If you recall from Fridays post, Horny was having a male visitor over from Scotland and was on the verge of shagging him and Busty had disappeared just before I left to go to the mall where she saw the good looking guy.

Butsty didn’t approach the girl on the checkout to see if the hunk she saw on the Thursday was a regular, I think she was concerned that she may look like stalking material. Bunny boiler and all that. Lol

She should have asked, she seems determined that she will never see him again. I told her nothing ventured nothing gained…

Horny’s weekend didn’t turn out to be the lovey dovey one we all thought it would. We were expecting some naughty details this morning. Did she or didn’t she get some? Well, the answer to that is NO.

The guy apparently turned up expecting sympathy from her because the married woman…yes, I did say married woman, he planned to settle down with turned out to be a mega cheat.

She apparently had another guy on the side too. He was blown over and so upset that he called the husband in anger and told him all about her escapades. So that was that. Horny said she was quite upset as he hadn’t revealed any of this in his telephone conversations to her.

I don’t know why but these two seem to meet some real no hopers between them.

Both Busty and Horny went out together with this guy and got legless which resulted in Busty giving out her statistics. As she told this story my ears picked up, you know I have been lusting after her for a while.

Horny added, “She told him that she was a 34FF…”. I knew she was big but that is Jordan size isn’t it? And they are natural, the lucky girl. 😉