Russian Street Porn

By | March 30, 2011

Blue Hair and BarsThis story made me laugh because we have LCD signs around the city centre to give motorists vital snippets of traffic news.  Most of the time they aren’t in use but they come in handy when there is a major holdup and traffic tailback.

Russian Igor Blinnikov managed to hack in to the video billboards in central Moscow.  And rather than putting up a notice re the traffic he screened hardcore porn.  The 20’ x 30’ billboard was next to the Interior Ministry building and must have taken motorists by surprise while the brief interlude of pornography appeared on this huge billboard.

All this took place back in January 2010 and his case came up yesterday where the recommended sentence of 5 years was handed down.  I suppose it didn’t help that the 41 year old has previously appeared in court for supplying marijuana.

Blinnikov is reported as saying it was a bad joke and that he had hacked in to the billboard for something to do.  He has appealed against his sentence.  I can’t see him being successful.