Sex With The Stranger In The Suit

By | April 13, 2011

CoupleShe’d wanted something different, she’d wanted something unusual and inventive from him. Their sex life was becoming too predictable she said. The words had stung him. He knew she enjoyed their sex, she wasn’t faking but he realised she did have a point. It was easy to get into a rut and while they had fun in the sack it was easy to lose a little of the sparkle. He’d pondered it for a week or more before he came up with the idea.

He knocked on the door of their apartment. He heard her footstep padding down the hallway, a pause as she checked the spy hole and then the sound of the lock being turned from within.

“Did you forget your key?” She asked.

“Key madam?” He replied.

“What? Phil stop messing around.” She paused and looked him up and down. He was wearing a grey suit that she had not seen before, a white shirt and dark red tie all of which looked unfamiliar. “What are you paying at?”

“I’d like to introduce you to our range of services.” He produced a small A5 card printed on one side.

Her interest was piqued. She took the card, scanned the contents and began to smile. “I think you had better come in and explain the service to me.”

Phil followed her into the lounge waited to be offered a seat. “Thank you for sparing me a few minutes Miss …”

“Jenkins.” She said, “But you can call me Trish.”

“I’d prefer to call you Miss Jenkins, it’s company policy.”

She felt a shiver race up her back. This was rather more interesting than she had anticipated and the list on the card he had given her was enticing her.

“Well I see your introductory offer says I can have one of your three taster services for free.”

“That’s right Miss Jenkins. In anticipation that you will become a regular customer.”

“In that case I’ll take number two.” Trish told him.

“Excellent choice. Would you like to stand up please.”

She was puzzled for a moment then realised what he was about to do. She stood and he dropped to his knees in front of her. He lifted the front of her cotton blouse and unfastened her black work trousers. He tugged at them slightly and they fell to her ankles. Next he drew her red bikini style briefs down to mid thigh.

“Please sit Miss Jenkins”.

She sat on the sofa letting her hear roll back and her dark hair hang behind her. Her eyes closed allowing her to concentrate on the sensations of being undressed by unseen hands. He quickly removed her trousers and underwear before parting her legs and slowly kissing her from toes to inner thighs. She could smell her own arousal, Phil knew what she liked yet this wasn’t him it was a stranger offering door-to-door services of such a personal kind …

His lips were on her clitoris, kissing it gently. Its sensitivity because of her growing excitement meant she was tingling but she craved his tongue to flick and tease it. He made her wet, kissing up and down the length of her neatly trimmed bush along the line formed by the meeting of her labia. The pressure was steady but gentle and he made no attempt to part the swelling lips. Her whole pussy was starting to tingle now and to stop herself demanding that he gave her a damn good licking she slipped a hand onto one of her breasts and squeezed it gently to move the focus of her attention from the fire between her legs.

Then Phil began to use his tongue, his nostrils were filled with her rich scent and it had been all he could do to hold back from plunging straight into her wet folds. Gently he began to probe as he lapped at her slit. Each increasingly insistent stroke parting her a little more and coating his tongue in her juices. He was quickly buried in her hot cavern, tongue probing as deep as he could, nose pressed against her clit.

Trish hooked her legs over his back and pressed her thighs against the sides of his head, deafening him. In his own muffled world he concentrated solely on the task at hand, or more accurately under his tongue. She squirmed desperate for release yet could not find it until she released him from between her legs a little and pulled his head higher, placing her human sex toy on her clit.

She felt her little bud sucked into his mouth. The bundle of tissue, packed with sensitised nerves and swollen with blood seemed to grow bigger and more sensitive when it passed his lips. He flicked it with his tongue overwhelming her with intense sensation and triggering an orgasm that grabbed her body and seemed to shake it.

Her pussy flooded with juices covering the lower half of his face so that when her orgasmic rapture had ceased and she relaxed back onto the sofa his chin was left dripping with her wetness.

Quickly he got to his feet and left before she had chance to open her eyes, only pausing to leave one of his specially printed business cards on the coffee table.

He liked this new game and was pretty sure she had too. The question was, what she would request next time?