Porn At Home

By | June 26, 2008

Here’s a scenario for you.

Home working would be great for me. 90% of my job can be performed remotely from my clients. I would save money on transport and in so doing increase my personal wealth and become more environmentally friendly. The small amount of on-site time I need tends to be planned and even if it’s not, I’m less than an hours drive away from all my current clients.

The problem is porn.

While I believe I’m a trusted employee it is a fact that working from home requires discipline. Lunch time and evenings are your own so your employer should not be able to dictate what you do then. However it’s a fact that remote workers do view more porn than those in offices, for obvious reasons. No monitoring.

To allow my employer to monitor what I browse and store on my PC would be career suicide for me. We have four adult websites and receive dozens of emails each day from advertisers, adult toy retailers, sex toy manufacturers … it doesn’t bear thinking about. I would have to have two PCs and make sure I didn’t forget which one I was on when I did a little porn browsing. Sadly company policy means I’m currently commuting and will be doing so for the foreseeable future.

What about you guys – if it were the price to pay for working from home and the freedom and other advantages that brings, could you allow your employer to monitor your Internet access and the contents of your hard drive?