Lesbian Pussy? Big Heart

By | June 27, 2008

I know everyone will hate me for saying this about the group Heart but I was introduced to them in the 1980s, not the 1970s. So I know them primarily from the big hair days of 1985-90.

Purists can curse and say that the 1977 album Little Queen was their zenith, they may be right. However I look at the two cherished pieces of vinyl I have of theirs and see Ann and Nancy in lace and hair lacquer, that’s what I remember. I even have their videos somewhere – actually on VHS, remember VHS … But it’s YouTube that has helped acquaint me with their earlier work, a 21st century invention helping me to look three decades back and view them in the Little Queen days.

YouTube is an amazing vehicle for that sort of thing. If someone, somewhere has uploaded the video and you, on a whim want to watch, there it is. It makes the previously impossible, possible. It also of course opens up every video every produced to potential copyright theft. You Tube are cleaning up their act though, have you noticed how many videos have disappeared recently?

Anyway, back to the video above. I was watching the Heart videos on YouTube and realised that this one is a little confusing. Watch it and see how many interpretations of the lyrics you can muster. It all hinges around who Annie is actually singing the song to, don’t you think …

As you can tell I’m having a week of reminiscence and I keep tripping over my record collection. Music, sex and hormones, they are a powerful mix … they certainly were for the young Alex.