Suze Loves David Tennant

By | June 28, 2008
David Tennant
We sat down to watch the first part of the Dr Who season finale this evening. We knew the BBC would throw everything at it and they really did. Very enjoyable, if not the best story and it’s pretty linear and I can’t see much in the way of plot twists, though some have been eluded to in the dialogue so far.Anyway, we can’t wait until next week when the season concludes.But perhaps Suze is more eager to find out what happens more than me.

The reason?

Christopher EcclestoneThe Doctor appears to be regenerating and although I have assured her that I believe David Tennant is contracted for another series Suze is really worried. I didn’t think she was that attached to David Tennant. I knew she liked Christopher Ecclestone, but that’s no surprise, once you’ve had a Yorkshireman you don’t go back LOL.

But David Tennant? She concedes he’s a bit boyish in looks for her, but I get the feeling she’s going to be really pissed off if he regenerates into someone else. She’ll be writing letters of complaint to Russell T Davis.

Feel free to take the piss out of her crush on David Tennant if you wish hehehe.

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