Sex Savoury

By | July 5, 2008

Do you remember those sweets that came on elastic and you bit off one sickly-sweet ring at a time? I do, they were bloody awful!

I’ve never been one for things that were too sweet, OK, so I like chocolate, but sweets like Refreshers or seaside rock make me puke. I can imagine that the underwear you can get which is made from sweets seems like a good idea when you order it from the online sex store, or buy it in the local sex shop, but after a few licks I’d be retching.

More sensible would be a savoury brand of underwear. How about barbeque beef flavoured boxers. Or maybe a sweet chilly thong? Even better a Cornish pasty codpiece hehehe.

Sweet and creamy always seem to be associated with sexual play when it comes to food, look at the fridge scene in 9 ½ weeks. Why is that though? Are all the alleged aphrodisiac and endorphin releasing foods sweet? Feeding Kim Basinger strawberries does have its attractions, but doesn’t she fancy a spicy sausage from time to time.

I couldn’t resist that.