BDSM Fantasies

By | May 21, 2011

SuzeAlex and I have a very open and explorative relationship in sexual sense. As you should all be aware by now given that we share most aspects of our daily encounters and bedroom frolics.

However it wasn’t until I started to read his post Bound & Gagged that it struck me just how many of us have our little fetishes, perhaps we don’t even see them for what they are.

For example…raise your hand if you have ever asked your lover to give you sexual tasks or instruction. Again if you have ever participated in being tied or blindfold. I think that would just about make most people raise their hands to either one of those questions or both.

The thing is we don’t see these acts as being part of BDSM activity, it’s not all about inflicting pain and the pursuit of extreme torture. I feel there is more depth to it than that. It involves a great deal of mental and physical control, setting your lover specific tasks (duties) perhaps controlling their movement by restraints being applied…and yes a tie does qualify.

I find the psychological aspect of this the more pleasurable. It’s a huge turn on for me to be controlled by a dominant partner, for him to take total control of a situation. Alex may ask me to give him a blow job and swallow his cum. I will gladly and do that, knowing that it will please him and by return turn me on immensely because I know I am doing something that pleasures him.

So in that act alone I am submitting to him, becoming a submissive and he is dominating me…being a dom. I bet some of you hadn’t thought about it that way before. To a greater or lesser degree we all participate in some form of BDSM activity.

What really brought this to light was him mentioning my all time favourite film, Nine And A Half Weeks. I know that it isn’t particularly graphic, at least by today’s standards anyway but it is the most arousing film and a prime example of a BDSM relationship that has been watched the world over. I’m sure many people will pull it apart and judge it against contemporary films, but I saw it at a formative stage of my development and the impression will always stay with me.

Now tell me you’re not in to BDSM. 😉