Strawberry Girl And Cream

By | July 5, 2008

We had little nephew over to stay last night, he was very good but got us both out of bed early this morning. The weather had changed and it was teeming it down with rain. Bloody typical, it has been as hot a hell for the last few days and then come the weekend we get rain.

I had bought him a frisby so that we could go to the park and play outside for a while but the weather had conspired against us so we decided to take him to the mall to find some kiddie DVD’s to watch.

First we checked out HMV and their sale offers and then we checked out the prices in Zavvi. I was just looking at the top row over childrens DVD’s when I spotted a very nice chest over the top of the stand. It was wearing a Zavvi t-shirt so the girl obviously worked for the store. As I followed my gaze upwards to her face I took in her long deep auburn bob and her heart shaped face, then her dazzling green eyes.

She was stunning and I had to check myself before she caught me staring at her. For the next 10 minutes we were in the store I felt compelled to seek her out amongst the Saturday shoppers in the isles. That girl was gorgeous and when I finally got around to speaking to Alex about her at the checkout he hadn’t even seen her.

As we left the shop I took a last lingering look over my shoulder to see if I could spot her again, but she was lost amongst the racks of DVD’s somewhere. I think I may just become a regular customer at that store. 😉

Just before we left I decided to take a quick detour in to M & S to see if they had any quality cookies to put under out strawberries and cream. I discovered some lovely pistachio and almond ones and we took them to the checkout to pay.

As we walked through the groceries I noticed a stand sampling strawberries to the customers and the girl at the front of the queue caught my eye. She was wearing blue denim jeans and jacket with a pink t-shirt and her hair was a striking shade of strawberry pink. Normally I wouldn’t be attracted to a girl with deep pink hair but she was extremely attractive. And guess what…Alex didn’t see her either.

What a productive days shopping…shopping for girls is much more fun the conventional kind. 😉