Six Dirty Hand Jobs

By | June 9, 2011

Oh, Cock!We all like a little bit of self pleasure from time to time,be it in the form of our own hands of one of the many masturbators on the market is irrelevant.

Wanking makes us feel good, it releases endorphins in to our system which bring about that feel good factor.  It has been said that the same can be achieved by eating chocolate but not being a huge fan of the dark sweet delicacy the effect escapes me.

I also posses very strong voyeuristic characteristics, which probably explains why I like watching porn so much.  😉  And amongst my favourite voyeuristic delights is to watch a guy masturbate.   To see him control his own arousal and ultimately his orgasm is such a turn on.

Not only is it a spectacle to behold but it’s a great way to find out what works for your man.  Not all men are wired the same, some may like two hands, others one over the frenulum, whilst others may enjoy having a their ball sack tugged slightly whilst you work their cock.

So many variations of technique but all with one ultimate goal…the orgasm.

I’ve just had the pleasure of watching six guys being wanked till they popped and reviewed the DVD over here.  Do if you like watching large eyed girls getting to grips with their partners you will enjoy this DVD.

Make sure you have tissues on standby as you read.  😉