The Ultimate Underwear Fantasy

By | July 11, 2008

OK, so here it is, written to titillate and arouse. Does it do the trick? Let me know if it’s a hit or a miss. All constructive criticism is welcomed.

I slipped quietly and inconspicuously into the small boutique. Well, as inconspicuously as a man with a worried look and generally nervous disposition can slip into anywhere. Not that I’m usually nervous but I was at the end of my tether. Valetines Day was approaching like a stampeding, heart-covered mammoth and I hadn’t found anything to buy my girlfriend.

Furtive movements and inexperienced fumblings along the shelves and rails immediately flagged me up to the two counter girls as an underwear shopping virgin. Barely a minute passed before a sultry voice from behind me asked, “Do you need any help?”

“Blar-bur well, er, no, erm well yes.” I replied.

“For your partner is it sir?”

I nod mutely.

“Valentines day?”


“OK. Leave it to me”

I follow her like a puppy following its mistress. I watch her provocatively wiggling hips as we traverse the store, black pencil skirt with the slightest of slits at the rear emphasising the shape of her ass. The seam of her shear black stockings leading down to red patent high heals.

Soon we wind our way to the fitting rooms at the back of the store, her hands holding a selection of insubstantial panties and a selection of basques and bras.

“Are you on your own?”, she asks.

“Yes, it’s a surprise.”

“Would you like me to model them for you?


“We’re not very busy and I’m on commission, so anything to get a sale.” She giggles.

She leads me upstairs into the changing area. I sit in one of the sumptuous chairs, obviously designed for the male of the species to await their mate while they change. I can hear her slipping out of her clothes.

I imagine her unbuttoning the red silk blouse she’s wearing and slipping it off her shoulders. Then I hear a zip, the skirt. I can see in my mind’s eye here wiggling her hips as she slips it over her hips and lets it drop to the floor. My cock is stirring, it feels hot and restless. I slip one hand in my pocket and adjust it as it begins to harden, trapped down my trouser leg.

It’s at that point she appears, dressed in a white basque and panties, black stockings and red shoes looking a little incongruous. But it’s her breasts that really catch my eye. Trapped in the boned basque they threaten to spill over the balcony cup. I see or imagine I can see the areola of one nipple as the undergarment just fails to keep her contained.

She slowly turns around revealing a full, round arse begging to be touched. Her chestnut hair cascades down her back, contrasting with her pale skin and the white of the underwear.
She looks over her shoulder at me. “Do you like it?” She asks.

“Yes.” I reply quickly, though not perhaps answering the question that she is asking. “But, do you have something with a little more colour. She’s not the virginal type.”

“Of course …” she says and disappears again.

I slip my hand into my trousers, unwrapping my now uncomfortably hard and dribbling member from the folds of my boxers. I let my hand linger, rubbing the sensitive and now moist glans. I close my eyes and enjoy the sensation, stimulating to the point of pain …

“What about this one?”

I open my eyes, startled and try to remove my hand from beneath my waistband but she’s already seen me. Playing with myself while imagining what I’d like to do to her.

“If you liked that one so much you’ve got to love this one.” She smiled, then, with a slowness that made me feel that time had stopped licked her top lip from one side to the other. Her eyes never flinching from my groin and the obvious bulge now running upward towards my waist.

She was wearing an amethyst satin bra and pants. The stockings were unsupported, one had rolled down slightly. The shoes were gone and the bra was simple, smooth and unadorned. The colour complemented her eyes perfectly. She walked towards me, feet soundless on the carpeted floor. Less than half a metre away she turned and presented me with her magnificent ass, clad in purple satin. She placed a hand on each cheek and leant forward slightly.

“Wow” was all I could say.

She turned to face me and said. “Lets see how much he likes it.”

I was puzzled for a moment, then realised she was looking at my cock again. I hesitated

“Get it out, you know you want to.”

I unfastened my trousers and slid them down my thighs. I looked up to see she had her hand inside her pants and was rubbing herself. I stroked my cock watching her hand move across her concealed pussy. The aroma from her drifted into my nostrils, strong and enticing.

We spent several minutes like this, her looking down at the glistening end of my cock as it appeared and disappeared in and out of my slowly pumping fist and my watching the edges of her gusset becoming a deeper purple as she became progressively wetter.

Her fingers pulled the panties to one side and she took a step forward, first one knee then the other was placed either side of me. She shuffled towards me and I slid down in the armchair. She grabbed my cock and with a growing impatience slid down its length until her neatly trimmed pussy had engulfed me entirely. She immediately began to rise and fall. Not like some impatient slut demanding instant satisfaction but with the finesse and skill of an experienced practitioner of cowgirl.

Always deep but rising and falling in speed she rocked and rolled on my prick. I reached up and grasped her breasts, pulling aside the bra, hearing a clip break and smiling with lustful pleasure as on boob rolled lose from its purple prison.

She began to whimper, the whimper turning into shouts and screams until I felt my lap covered in the fluid now flowing from her pussy. I felt her spasm and still she rode me, but only for a few more strokes as my groin pumped its hot, white load deep into her.

She fell forward onto my chest in slow motion, brown hair on my face. Finally I was able to reach down and grasp a handful of that beautiful ass.

We lay for a moment, recovering. Breathing slowing, until I noticed a movement at the door of the changing rooms. The second assistant was framed in the doorway, slowly unbuttoning her blouse …