Porn Fail

By | June 13, 2011

School SpankingWe get huge amounts of comment spam every day, comes with the traffic we get I’m afraid. The new version of WordPress is much better than its predecessors at filtering out spam and allowing you to manage it so I rarely take much notice of what’s actually been filtered off into the spam folder. I just delete it.

Occasionally though something like this appears that amuses me.

{Hi,|Good work!|Good job!} Thanks for such {interesting|topical} {post|article|stuff|writing} as I have been able to {find|discover} here. I agree with {much|most} of what is written here and I’ll be {returning|coming back} to this {site|website} again. T

In case you’re not a sad techy like me let me explain. The stuff in curly brackets has been put in there for variation by the spam bot writer. Each alternate word for that position in the comment spam is separated by the pipe (vertical line). Now, during the process of dropping the spam on our site one presumes the bot should have chosen a random word from each of the curly bracket enclosed lists and inserted it …

Come on dipshits if you’re going to spam us get it right. LOL